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Known to the Camarilla Malkavian.PNGCamarilla.PNG

Name: Alfred Perfidious
Camarilla Position: Malkavian Primogen of Princeton, New Jersey
Notable Traits: Alfred is Notorious as not just a former Sabbat member but as a former Sabbat Inquisitor, and if that allegiance in death wasn't enough to make you wonder he was a self-described Satanist of Aleister Crowley's brood before his Embrace. He is patient and slow-moving, but that may just be because it takes him time to be sure what he is seeing is actually happening rather than because he lives by the credo of "measure twice, cut once."
Physical Description: Tall, long-haired and of average build and usually well-dressed, favoring black and red as his preferred colors.

Current Status:

Abiding: Acknowledged
Innate: Noble
Fleeting: TBD

Character Timeline

  • Born in 1870 the middle son of an on-again, off-again Minister of Parliment whom he sought to embarrass by very publicly pursuing "the Occult Arts" while the wave of Spiritualism was cresting on both sides of the Atlantic. Joining the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1895, he then became a contemporary of Aleister Crowley's and took on the craft name Alfred Perfidious as Crowley and his lot traveled the world taking drugs in the ritual performance of "magic" and flirted with public outrage via Satanism.

  • Embraced in 1915 he remembers not how; travels with Crowley had brought him for a time to America and whether his sire picked him for who he was or knew him not at all when he hit him upside the head with a shovel, stuffed some blood down his throat and buried him still-alive in a Sabbat ritual embrace. Failing to come up that same night, his sire considered him a failure and moved on; the packs more local to that patch of wilderness they gathered in waited three nights and were there to greet him as False Sabbat when he finally clawed his way aboveground starved and deranged by the traumas of the experience.

  • Alfred was False Sabbat until the end of the Great War caused the pack he was fostered by to administer the formal Creation Rites and see him join as True Sabbat. He traveled with his pack, nomads all, until they answered the call to come to New York City and hash out the formation of a new pact among the Sabbat to prevent the outbreak of yet another civil war within their ranks, one of many signatories to the Revised Code of Milan in 1933. His interest in sect politics grew at the time and he joined a more politically-minded pack as an Orthodox scholar, centering his movements in and around the corridor from Washington DC to Boston as the need of the moment drove them.

  • In 1957, with the outbreak of the third Sabbat Civil War, rather than participate in the factionalism splitting the sect apart he defected from the Orthodox faction to join the Inquisition. His knowledge of the occult drew him towards the pursuit of infernal taint, though he had little interest in policing the mere bad-thought of others that some Inquisitors considered their primary focus; the civil war around them saw all factions trying to use the Inquisition to brand their opponents as heretics or infernalists, and the internecine struggle began the process of disenchantment that would ultimately lead him out of the sect.

  • Seeking knowledge about the true nature of the Infernal enemies he faced regularly, Alfred sought out and quietly joined various secret societies which might arm him with the knowledge he would need to survive this calling of hunting of the minions of Hell. His mortal years as an occultist left him well-attuned to this task even though he felt everything he 'believed' as an occultist was effectively made-up nonsense that justified himself, Crowley, and many others doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to without care or remorse... these societies were just as secretive, but the occult lore they shared was grounded in cold, hard truth rather than mistranslated gobbledygook in whatever book caught their fancy that month. He nonetheless maintains his atheism despite battling the Infernal because while infernalists claim to work for demons who serve Hell, implying first that Satan is real and then that God Himself must also exist, the most notable thing one should know about demons is that they 'lie'. That there is a plane of reality they call home and which they refer to as Hell, yes, granted - but as one who can see both the shadowlands and the astral plane, is this really such a stretch as to require faith in the Almighty rather than to marvel at the unknown oddities of the cosmos we have yet to understand?

  • Pursuing a suspected Baali infiltrator, Alfred and his pack flew to Bangladesh before the Week of Nightmares and were present throughout. While they were able to kill their quarry that's about the end of things that went as planned in their travels; only Alfred made it out alive, rattled by all that he had seen and terrified that the Sabbat had gotten so much wrong in their striving against the Ancients. Knowing that like flies to wanton boys so were they to the Antediluvians, Alfred formally became Packless and was barely Sabbat at all, continuing to serve as an Inquisitor focused on the pursuit of infernal threats to the sect and never interacting with another Sabbat member outside of the Inquisition in the decade and a half that followed; he may as well have been formally Unaligned for all the Sabbat truly cared.

  • When the Call beckoned him back to Bangladesh a second time in 2009, no matter how well-meaning their cause to "save the world" may have been he couldn't have found himself further away from it if he tried. While his blood tried to draw him ever closer, he pushed himself ever further away instead - finding the antipode of Bangladesh in this way, and turning up in beautiful San Juan, Peru instead for a quiet week of meditation and reflection that ended in a note of mental discord as suddenly the world was turned on its ear... and only the Malkavians noticed the Jolt.

  • When the Jackal called all loyal Sabbat to Mexico City to mount their next Crusade, Alfred simply... didn't go. With the Sabbat never seen since and his loyalty at the time being thin at best, he considered himself first formally Unaligned and then sought to join the Camarilla when it became clear that for good or for ill the Sabbat was no more.

  • Seeking a safe place to call his new home, he learned of a domain among his old stomping grounds up and down the Acela Corridor from DC to Boston - Princeton, New Jersey - had an ex-Sabbat Prince by the name of Walter Merrick who might be inclined to take on a stray such as himself without killing him on sight for the crime of having been Sabbat. He swiftly earned a place in that domain's court when he realized its Malkavian Primogen was no Malkavian at all and provided proof to display that Alaric of Gaul was among the Primogen Council on dubious grounds... then took his place instead, all without a Monomacy or the shedding of so much as a single drop of blood. What wonders this Camarilla civilization believed in, compared to the militancy of life among the Sabbat!

  • For special events, Alfred is known to carry "The Party Basket," a picnic basket filled with small phials of preserved blood (in insufficient quantities to restore anyone's vitae pools) providing the taste on the tongue of whatever substance or experience might be desired in the moment. Hand-written labels note the phials' contents, from red wine or fine cigars to experiences like massages, bungee jumping or the heady taste of new love in the blood.

Known Allies and Associates

Alfred is a member of the Mirrored Minds lineage, childe of Bob and sire of Keshet Katz. He is also often found in the company of Maggie Pike of the Independent Alliance, or Unaligned Lasombra such as Euphemenion or Orion. As a former Sabbat Inquisitor, he continues to actively seek and counteract infernal influences as he makes an uncomfortable home for himself in the Camarilla.


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  • "Yes, I was Embraced among the Sabbat; I make no apologies for the fact that I was raised by wolves." - Alfred Perfidious
  • "Subtle, this one." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "I'm lucky to have a childe as capable as Alfred, but like most Malkavians, his single-mindedness and intense focus is both a blessing and a curse." Bob
  • “When you want something done before you think you need it done you ask for him. Efficiency is close to godliness.” - Persephone of Argos
  • “The most helpful kindred I have ever met.” - Orion
  • "One of the weirdest of our clan that I've ever met, and that's saying something. He has indirectly saved my ass more than once, and probably doesn't even realize how." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • "Regardless of what you think you know, you should listen to him. Keep listening." -Maggie Pike
  • "He will do what he will have wilt, hm? Hm." - Euphemenion
  • "Nice cat." - Kennedy
  • "Alfred, you are absolutely perfidious, there's no use for you at all." - Aleister Crowley


  • Alfred once killed a man in Vegas just to watch him die.

OOC Information

Alfred is a onetime ecstatic occultist embraced with Malkavian blood, drawn to the pursuit of Infernalists in much the same way that Harry Houdini was drawn to exposing the hoaxes of Spiritualists in the early years of the Twentieth Century. Mass-embraced into the Sabbat and pushed through its Inquisition only to find himself now cast outside of a sect that has since disappeared, he makes his home in the safest domain he can find - Princeton, New Jersey, domain of a former-Sabbat Prince Walter Merrick. While his gifts of insight allow him to see much, much of what he sees is not there - and isn't even a future potential expressing itself to his Sight, his mind is littered with intrusive thoughts and he must challenge his understanding of reality at all times to seek the right action for the moment he finds himself in rather than react to what he sees and hears for he often sees and hears falsely.

The Party Basket

Alfred often travels with The Party Basket in tow, a picnic basket filled with blood drawn from his Herd in the throes of various drugs or experiences. In brown phials of preserved blood too small to grant a Kindred any meaningful sustenance, Alfred has preserved samples of blood taken in the moment described in his neat handwriting on a paper label. Anything you can imagine wanting he has probably procured, so feel free to make up a "flavor" that your character has wanted and add it here!


  • Gin and Tonic
  • Hookers and Blow
  • Two Tabs Of Acid
  • Cheeseburger Deluxe
  • Just An Ice Cold Beer, Please
  • Biscuits And Gravy


  • A Night At The Opera
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Long Massage
  • A Night On The Town
  • Shopping Spree
  • Riding The Cyclone
  • A Long Soak In A Hot Bath

Player: Sean McKeown
MES Number: US2002045258
Region: Northeast
Domain: New York, NY-004-D
VSS: Princeton, NJ Masquerade
ST: Rob Recckia
ST email: