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Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Creeps
Society: Unaligned



Unnervingly pallid, with white eyes and a skull-like face, Kennedy spends most of her time Masked to look like an unremarkable human woman. When she does attend a gathering at herself, her style tends toward gothic punk.

Almost always with her, if tucked into a pocket, is a small black mouse. Intelligent and uncanny as most ghouled animals are, Scath acts as her eyes and ears in dark places even a Nos can't reach.


Pre-2013: Kennedy doesn't really discuss this time. She fell into a pit of Nosferatu "a while ago," and seems to have only crawled back out of it after the Beckoning.

2013-onward: Occasionally appears in kindred company, usually with Creature, Oscar Milo, or Keeley Banks, and is available for hire or consultation with anyone studying FIRSTLIGHT Hunter groups.

2022: With the rise of Hunter activity in the New Haven, CT area, Kennedy surfaces to consult with the local IA and Anarchs.



  • Kennedy's amnesia is all a scam. She remembers everyone she's ever met, she's just extremely socially awkward.
  • Whatever Kennedy is, she's not a normal Nos. Maybe it's something like a Kyasid situation and that's why she hangs out with Oscar.
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  • "I am making a note in my journal here with some facts about my new friend Gabriella: 1) A thief who steals princes! 2) Witty. 3) Very horny."
    • "These are very good notes! Accurate and full of truth." - Gabriella
  • “She’s family. Maybe distant, but family nonetheless.” - SOL
  • "It is quite refreshing to know that there is least one other out there who views the world through a similar lens. If only their favorite meal was the same as mine." - Anton Ramirez
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Player Info:
Player:Abby E. (she/her/hers) US2008072573

Storyteller: Wolfgang Fuller

Location: CT-004-D