Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre.

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Character Information


Name: The Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre

Clan: Ventrue

Luminary Elder

Sect Camarilla

Society The society of the Teloah de Canilu

Notable Traits: direct forthright approach, unwavering gaze


The Kindred that would become known as Lucre rose from humble beginnings under the banner of the Roman Empire. A farmer's son, or so he claims, he became a soldier sooner than he perhaps should have and was at once sent to the far-flung reaches of Roman interests. Through his service to the Empire, he found himself elevated to command, authority, and privilege. While he enjoyed his newly minted influence, he despised how others abused theirs. This perhaps pathological pursuit of justice would shape the centuries that followed. After his brief period as a ghoul, embrace and accounting Lucre found himself stepping into conflicts in which he had little investment. A long career as an advocate and judge awaited him. Though this would not be his only role, this pragmatism and a sense of morality has proven his greatest strength and perhaps, his deepest flaw.

The Honorable Order of the Sacred Shield

Received 336254304185071.png


What has been put upon parchment as sacred law

  • He claims to be from Portugal but doesn't speak the language. Isn't that curious?
  • Has survived being burned at the stake.
  • The Sword of Caine took to calling him "The Hanging Judge" and with good reason.
  • His maces are named...for reasons.


  • "We are the rampart." - Lucre
  • "I don't really care what happens here, but if someone touches one of my men, I will get involved." - Lucre
  • "One of my Favorite Ventrue, he's like King Arthur, but more violent. I'd gladly die fighting by his side." - Zeke Wylde
  • "The man that taught me how to be a better Soldier, and Gentleman. But, the gift of gab? That's all me." - Don Carlos De La Vega
  • "I admire his zeal, but is there wisdom in trying to impose justice upon a world that seems hostile to the very notion? We all need our illusions, of course, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking they are anything more than that." - Zoltan Vancura
  • “For those Ventrue brave and stupid enough to break with clan law, Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre will be a very unwelcome face.” — Don Ariel.
  • "My first impression of the Lord Arbiter is that this is a guy who doesn't take shit. I'm pretty sure he's the oldest Kindred I've ever met. You don't last this long without having something special about you. When he looks at you, it's like he's looking at whatever kind of soul we still have." — Meir Cohen
  • "Despite being the tools of a shoddy system, I know one or two good warriors in the Camarilla. Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre is pretty much my most favorite of all time, in the history of ever." - Revinaka
  • "My brother? a Brave soul, a kind man, an honorable knight, he is many things, but above all, he is the Arbiter."- James Alexander Fairweather
  • "The Judge has become my favorite to watch in any court. With the mace slung over his shoulder, I crave the building anticipation of watching him pass judgment before my eyes" - Katherine Davis
  • "It has been my privilege to know, fight and judge alongside him through the ages. His blood may be Ventrue, but his heart is of duty, honor, and respect. All things, that I value most." - Jahangir Al-Tanin
  • "A father figure.....no, but a grumpy gruff uncle, with stories of the war he has faced, ...yes, and I will happily sit and listen knowing this knowledge has kept us safe" - Syfa McAdams


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