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Don Carlos De La Vega
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Name: Don Carlos De La Vega
Clan: Ventrue Crusader
Social Standing: Pretender Elder
Sect: Camarilla

Notable Traits:

Title or Position:

Don Carlos De La Vega was born in Spain during the early 16 th century CE in the port town of Valencia. Carlos was born the 4th son of a merchant family, which means that he would have no inheritance and would work for his older brother when he comes of age. Young Carlos believed that he was destined for something different...

  • 1519-1922 - Joined the Spanish Expedition to explore the New World with the Great

Conquistador Hernan Cortez.

Ghoul years:

  • 1523 -1572 – Stayed in Central America battling the Aztec and Inca Empires.
  • 1600-1623 – Began working his way up to the American Southwest arriving first to the area

that is now known as San Diego with the childer of The Lord Arbiter.

  • 1623 – After an argument with The Lord Arbiter, childer embraced Don Carlos in a fit

of anger. Vampire years:

  • 1623 – 1800 - Stayed within the American Southwest helping establish Camarilla presence,

while battling the incursion from the Sabbat as they come up from Mexico.

  • 1812 - Arrived in Pittsburgh, Pa with fellow Ventrue, Frederick de Gorizia.
  • 1816 – Helped with support when Frederick de Gorizia claimed Praxis of Pittsburgh.
  • Late 1850 Early 1860s – While gathering ties into the Pittsburgh underworld he meets his

future childe, Fiona O’Malley,

  • 1900s to Present – Arrived back to California and began to set up residence in Los Angeles.


Friends and Allies:

"El" Bisset-Caesarea

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Frienemies and Feuds:

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  • "A true adventurer that would regale me with stories of the conquest of the New World, putting my own romantic notions aside. A story worthy of song, as we used to say." - Miguel Cantone
  • "Ventrue sharpshooter fixer, not only can he clip the wing off a Dragon, but make it look like nothing ever happened and a new neighborhood is getting built, permits and all." Zeke Wylde
  • "Don Carlos De La Vega. Man is worth a damn salt mine for his area of expertise. It was a pleasure to make his acquaintance and I look forward to future business." -Genesis
  • "He kind of reminds me of some swash buckler straight out of one of those fantasy novels I've read and he's got the wits and finesse to back it up!" -Meir Cohen


  • In 1921, Cantone Pictures made "California" a film roughly based on Don Carlos de la Vega's life during the Mexican-American War. Unfortunately, it was critically panned as a b-movie imitation of The Mark of Zorro.
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OOC Info

Player: Michael Trevino - US2009013536
Region: Southwestern Region
Domain: Los Angeles CA CA-053-D