El Dorado

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Ramiro Navarrete Ordaz


- is -



Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Neonate
Society: The Strivers Club


Ramiro is a Nosferatu showman. Under the guise of the luchador, "El Dorado", he is the current figurehead and sometimes defacto CEO of the Volador Entertainment Company. His gyms, wrestling promotions, and other businesses provide opportunities for orphans and other troubled youth during the day, but also watches against the return of the Sabbat underneath the subtle darkness.


  • Born 1887
  • Embraced 1917
  • Discovered Lucha Libre and the culture of the Mask 1938
  • Lights up the ring under the mask of El Tiburon 1940
  • "Retires" El Tiburon 1953
  • Begins the Volador school of wrestling in 1967
  • The Volador style explodes and becomes a full fledged entertainment promotion in 1978
  • Begins storied career as El Dorado in 1996
  • After near discovery by the Sabbat begins touring the US under the Volador promotion 2001
  • Is confronted by agents of the Camarilla in San Antonio and is offered a choice: Join and stop risking exposure under the cameras. Or suffer. Ramiro "retires" El Dorado, but stays on running general operations at Volador Entertainment 2003
  • Relocates to NYC in 2013
Art by JoeBlablazo.com
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OOC Info
Player: Lorenzo Hernandez
Player Pronouns: He / Him
MES #: US2018040041
Domain: NY-004-D
Storyteller: Emily Lewis