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OOC Information

VSS Blighted Heart
Supervising Storyteller Erin Smith Click here to edit
Supervising Storyteller's Email Click here to edit

Schedule Social Game: Third Wednesday

Full Game: Third Friday

Location In the Shadow of Mount Wachusett

IC Information

Sept Leader Joshua Hayden

Warder Brick in the Wall
Guardian(s) Category:The Sentinels
Den Parent Duke Derrickson
Master of the Challenge Tuhuro Anaath
Fool IByte
Master of the Rites Jeremy Blackpaw
Truthcatcher Circular Logic
Talesinger Truth's Burden
Wyrmfoe Horus


Bawn is in Hubbardston, MA, with the surrounding Protectorate. Map of IC Locations:

Sept Laws

Kinfolk Advocate: Paint-It-Black