Small Pharma

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Small Pharma

Fostern.png Bone Gnawer.png Ragabash.png Homid.png

Character Name Madison 'Maddie' Cabrera
Pronouns She / Her
Tribe Bone Gnawer
Auspice Ragabash
Breed Homid
Rank Fostern
Sept Sept of the Lonely Mountain
Faction Concordat of Stars
Pack Mysterium

Further Information


In homid, a sturdily built youngish woman, usually in jeans and a tank top or hoodie depending on the weather. In lupus, a big, shaggy black mutt with floppy ears, apparently part Newfie.

Theme song:

  • February 1, 1991: born under a full moon. Her parents die within a month of each other shortly after, leaving Maddie to be raised by her grandmother, the center of a sprawling kinfolk extended family network (and emergency backup childcare for the entire neighborhood and most of the sept besides). She has trouble in school and drops out at 16, but takes to the role of Support Kinfolk with a will: cooking up a storm, learning to shoot a (scrupulously legal) pistol, and supporting herself and her abuela financially as well as keeping an ear to the ground via a thriving weed-and-adderall network at some of the local colleges. This last earns her her deed name when the kinfolk are brought into the Nation.
  • July 4, 2012: she was away helping on an Umbral quest on the Night The Weaver Sang, and returns to find almost all of her family gone. She spends the ensuing weeks grimly picking up the pieces.
  • November 2016: Bitten under circumstances she prefers not to talk about; moves in with Paint-With-Joy and Paint-It-Black
  • Late spring 2017: Rite of Passage, celebrated with a pizza party.
  • August 2018: first Fostern challenge; fails due to charging in and fighting when the mission was to scout and report back.
  • February 2019: Successful Fostern challenge. Takes the position of Fool a week later (having been vacant since the caern move in 2014) to defend Joshua Hayden when he turns himself in after negotiating a cease-fire with the local Hive.
  • Goes into some kind of weird trance on airplanes.
  • Her chili is darn tasty but you never know if it's beef or groundhog until you take a bite.
  • She was absolutely boy-crazy when she was younger... what happened? Aside from all the boyfriends that died, I mean.
  • Definitely sneaks into parties in lupus and gets cooed over by drunk girls in the kitchen.

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  • " I love Maddie. She's like a serious mom, making sure we're alright, worrying about us and feeding everyone! I trust her with my life and I'm lucky to have her in my pack!" Paint-It-Black
  • "Maddie is beings good Ragabash. She am is helpings me learnings how fight cities. My home, is no good city fightings. Learnings lots, is helps, me am me pack is strongs for it." Aleksey "Aleks" Volkov

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OOC Information
Player Betsy M
MES # US2018070029
Domain MA-005-D
Storyteller Erin Smith