Aleksey "Aleks" Volkov

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Aleksey "Aleks" Volkov

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Deed Name First In, Last Out
Pronouns He/Him
Tribe Get of Fenris
Camp Fangs of Garm
Auspice Ahroun
Breed Homid
Rank Fostern
Sept Sept of the Lonely Mountain
Faction Sanctum of Gaia
Pack The Sentinels
Position(s) Guardian

Further Information

Aleks in Lupus.jpeg

Aleks is of Eastern European descent. His lupus form is that of a “common wolf,” a subspecies of the grey wolf found native to Eurasia. In homid, Aleks appears as a cacuasian male, with a long greying beard, and heavily tattooed arms. He typically dresses in the aesthetic of an American biker in dark colored denim. He sports a leather bangle with a metal plate depicting norse runes, and a pair of rings, one with more runes and another with the visage of Fenris.

Aleks is packed with the SENTINELS, a pack of Guardians for the Sept of the Lonely Mountain. His pack mates include DARKRUNNER (Cliath Fianna Ragabash),and their Alpha, KYLE (Black Fury Kinfolk). Their pack totem is RACCOON, a totem of cleverness and survival. The pack claims territory adjacent to the Bawn so as not to be too far from the Cearn Heart even in their off-duty hours.

Notable Traits: Appearance Focus; Heroic Lineage; Bitten; Mark of the Predator; Aleks speaks with a heavy Eurasian accent and semi-broken English.


1991 (Age 0) February 2nd: Aleksey Volkov is born in Estonina while it is still under the control of the USSR.

Born as the 8th child to his parents, Aleks was seen as the runt of the litter, particularly as the Baptism By Fire Rite revealed he would be a Kin. His family line, a Heroic one, already had a number of distinguished Garou and had no real need for another Kin. But more than that, there was just something always off about Aleks. When growing up and sent to human schools he was never able to fit in. Almost as though he gave off the Curse, despite not being a full Garou. He was pulled from society at large, only rarely being allowed out of the Sept, and even then under strict supervision. Seen as an embarrassment, his family would never truly accept him.

August 20th: Estonia declares its independence from the Soviet Union. During its occupation, Estonia was forced into a manufacturing economy, which polluted large portions of the natural environment. By the end of the decade, Estonia will have become one of the leading software developers in the world.

The Silver Fang noble house, House Austere Howl, has been using the budding alliance of the European Union and the decline of the USSR as an excuse to seek territory outside of the British Isles. They end up gaining positions of prominence in Septs throughout Estonia, claiming their rights to rule from more Moscow focused Silver Fangs.

Unbeknownst to all, House Austere Howl had turned towards Wyrm worship. House Gleaming Eye started to purge them, which left a power vacuum in Estonia just prior to Estonia declaring its independence.

The Get of Fenris take over the Septs of Estonia, and they strike a deal with Weaver spirits in the cities; essentially a non-aggression pact. The Weaver will let the Garou maintain such a large portion of the country’s resources in their natural state if they stay out of the cities. While this is happening, local Garou and Fera are able to keep approximately 50% of Estonia’s land as natural landscape, largely cleaning the pollution left behind in the wake of Austere Howl and the USSR.

2004 (Age 13) Estonia becomes part of the EU and NATO.

2005 (Age 14) Estonia becomes the first state to conduct an election over the internet. The Get of Fenris fail to recognize this as the Weaver tightening her grip on the citizens of Estonia.

2009 (Age 18) February 2nd: Aleks turns 18.

2011 (Age 20) January 1st: Arrival of the First of Many and the Telos.

The Get of Fenris were suspicious of these new allies and still are to this day. Only as individuals prove themselves in battle do these suspicions begin to fade but it is difficult to let one’s guard down around them.

2012 (Age 21) February 1st: The Cearn Plague.

As caerns fell, the Get of Fenris suffered great losses. Most would not leave, resigning to their fates as they felt it better to stand and fight than have their Glory tainted by retreat. Those who did move to other caerns would band together there, forming the battle lines and strengthening those defenses as they moved.

June 12th: First Shard Seed Planting

Many Get of Fenris eagerly defend the ritual that plants the Shard Seed and ties it to the land. When it is a success, they are hungry to get their own seeds and lead new protectorates as Sept Leaders and members of the Sept Councils.

July 4th: The Kinfolk Incident.

When brothers, sisters, and children disappeared, it set a fire of rage within the Get of Fenris. They grew angered with the Glass Walkers over their own kins’ dependency to technology and succumbing to the One Song. The Get of Fenris' respect for the kinfolk’s place grew, mainly to keep them near where they could be watched in case they would walk away.

July 5th: The Glasswalker tech crash.

Estonia is hit particularly hard, as they have moved to a modern tech economy. Due to their non-aggression pact, few sheed shards need to be moved to avoid the worst of the Weaver’s forces. Unfortunately, this leaves the Get of Fenris out of their element, as this new enemy is essentially unknown to them.

This affirmed the Glass Walkers' fault in the kinfolks disappearances in the eyes of most Get of Fenris and bolstered many in their faith of the Sanctum of Gaia tenets.

July 9th: The Kitsune leave the Beast Courts.

August 8th: The Sanctum of Gaia is formed.

The Get of Fenris of Estonia enthusiastically joined the Sanctum of Gaia.

September 1st: Kinfolk officially become a part of the Nation.

A mix of pride and fear come over the Get of Fenris. They are glad to see their brothers and sisters have a voice and prove their worth to the Nation as individuals, but they see that individuality pulling them away from their protection and worry for what is left of their kin.

2013 (Age 22) February 2nd: The Jade Curtain goes up (Year of the Serpent). Surprisingly, the Get of Fenris are welcoming to those allies who stayed in the West, closed off from their homelands. Those Sept Leaders offer hospitality to any who have been displaced as long as they fight beside them in battle. The Tribe has little love for the Beast Courts who turned their back on the united effort.

November 20th: The Concordat of Stars is formed.

2014 (Age 23) Estonia becomes the first state to offer e-residency.

At this point the Get of Fenris are aware of the threat, but do not know what to do about it. Their war to purge the Weaver of the cities of Estonia continues to fail.

October 1st: Ahadi Alliance shuts its borders.

The Get of Fenris welcome those who were closed off from their homelands. Garret Villborge takes this personally due to his own connection to the lands to which he is now denied access.

2017 (Age 26) April 28th: Aleks asks for and receives the Bite and survives. Aleks is desperate to earn the respect of his family and prove his bravery.

October 10th: Aleks earns Cliath.

He is given the Deed Name of First In, Last out. On the surface it seems like a fairly standard Get of Fenris Deed Name. However, his father conceived of it as an insult. Aleks is to go in first to take the brunt of the fire so that his much more valuable siblings can remain safe. And he is last out to cover their retreat, dying if necessary.

December 12th: The Kisune introduce the Rite of Harmonious Journey.

The Get of Fenris are excited to welcome their kinfolk to their packs. It gives them an opportunity to keep a watchful eye on them and add their strength to their own. They are less welcoming to those who are not warriors of other Fera breeds.

2018 (Age 27) March 9th: Aleks earns Fostern.

Despite this, his family rejects him for asking for the Bite and being unable to continue their Heroic line.

September 1st: Aleks, in desperation, looks for another Sept that he can relocate, finally accepting that he has no place in his family. He hears the plea for help from the Sept of Seven Hills and heads to America to battle Wyrm and Weaver alike in Worcester County.

December 24th: Aleks is named as a Guardian of the Sept of Seven Hills by the Warder, a Ratkin Warrior known as Brick in the Wall (Local NPC).

2019 (Age 28) Get of Fenris Civil War – 2/18-3/19

A large faction of the Tribe turns their back on the Nation, seeing its alliance with other shifters as weakness. Their hearts were filled with tainted Rage, fueled by the Beast of War itself. The splinter faction, calling themselves Hasswolfe, used a twisted version of the tribal glyph as a symbol for their group on their flags and bodies. Garret and his camp leaders call what is left of the tribe to arms and they descend upon the Hasswolfe they once called brothers and sisters . There is a great battle where the Jarlhammer carried by Garret Villborge is sundered, but victory goes to the Get of Fenris, resulting in a purge of The Hasswolfe. Garret Villborge decides that the Tribal Glyph should be changed and the Fangs of Garm are given the additional task of rooting out any remaining Hasswolfe members who may have escaped their purge. Garret Villborge travels to the Umbra with the Incarna of Fenris at his side, seeking a new weapon. The journey takes him to Mars and the realm of Nurgul. There, he finds an axe made of pure sharpened Ice. This weapon becomes a symbol of leadership and becomes the icon of the new Tribal Glyph.

Aleks is called home and thrown headfirst into the conflict, as his Deed Name warranted. He survives the civil war, earning respect from Get of Fenris who live outside of Eurasia. Aleks begins to see his family for what they are, but rushes back to the Seven Hills to resume his role as a Guardian before he can really absorb these new thoughts.

September 22nd: The formation of the Gaian Alliance.

The Get of Fenris are not happy with the other Breeds forming their own independent faction despite being unwelcoming of the idea of those Fera joining the Nation. There is little evidence The Get of Fenris would be happy with any outcome involving the alliances with other Fera breeds.

October 1st: The Red Talon exodus.

The Get of Fenris are troubled by their Red Talon allies leaving the Nation. Of the other Tribes, the Red Talons shared the Get of Fenris’ ferocity in battle and were respected for their views on the Wyld and humanity. The Get of Fenris are protective of those Red Talons who remain and try to appeal to the leaders of the tribe to get them to return.

2021 (Age 30): Chron start.

May 21st: Aleks participates in a Slap Dance Moot at the Sept of the Lonely Mountain. He earns the Moniker "Parent" (Worthy) for the following story.

"I grew up in the Lahemaa Sept, which means 'Land of Bays' Sept in Estonian. See the Sept is located on the northern coast of Estonia on the Baltic sea, almost directly south from Helsinki. This is a story I have heard many times around the fires of the Sept. It was my favorite when I was a child. As I won't ever have children of my own, I will instead share with you. I hope you too will retell this story to your children for me . . ."

"A mother and son, every morning to start their day, would walk hand in hand along the beach with one foot in the water and one foot on the sand. One day the little boy decided that he would drop his mother's hand and walk up the beach and, as he went, he collected a little fish that had been left behind by the tide in a rock pool. And he gathered it up very solemnly, very gently, and he paraded it down to the water's edge and he threw it in because it needed help getting home. Now he kept doing this day after day, finding these little treasures on the beach and helping them get home. But one day he got too bold and he walked too far out into the surf and a riptide grabbed his little feet and started to pull him out to sea. Well his mother was terrified thinking that she'd lost him but before she could dive in to try to save him, wouldn't you know it, a big wave picked the little guy up and very solemnly, very gently, threw him back up on the shore because that's where he belonged."

June 23rd: Aleks earns Fleeting Glory from the Wyrmfoe Sunny for participating in the completion of an intel and combat mission at CSX, where vampires and Weaver "drones" were found to be shipping Wrym-tainted sentient teddy bears.

July 13th: Aleks earns a Fleeting Glory for participating in an assault of a vampire infested building on Harmony Island. The tale of the deed was sung by Duke, Athro Galliard Bone Gnawer, whom Aleks fought alongside with in the battle.

"How We Caught A Giant Snake"

July 21st: Aleks earns a Fleeting Wisdom for participating in a battle against a Wrym entity of decay that was threatening Yelena and the Sept. The tale of the deed was sung by Truth’s Burden, Athro Silver Fang Galliard, whom Aleks fought alongside with in the battle.

"Battle of Redemption Rock"

July 25th: Aleks earns "Parent" (Worthy) for his participation in a Slap Dance Moot held at the Lonely Mountain. He won with the linked story ((Trigger Warning: spousal/child abuse/domestic violence)).


Sentence one defines who the character is: Aleks is an energetic and compassionate Bitten Get of Fenris Ahroun, a liver of life who was brought up as a shameful addition to his otherwise pristine family line.

Sentence two defines where they came from: Aleks comes from a heavily Get of Fenris populated area of Estonia, a modern day tech-focused country in Eurasia that also maintains significant natural wildlife preserves.

Sentence three defines their weakness or character flaw: Aleks was seen as the runt of the litter, and was put into his place many, many times over the years, to the point where he has developed a complex around showing no signs of disrespect whatsoever to authority figures. This has caused him to become a strict traditionalist, as everyone has their place and must fit into it.

Heroic Ancestor: "The Roar of Fire and Silence of Ash"

Theme Songs

Skyrim Main Theme

The Decemberists - This Is Why We Fight

The Hobbit - The Misty Mountains Cold


  • Aleks is a abuse survivor, you can tell by how he responds to those of authority.
  • Aleks shows his belly so often, you'd think he was a bikini model.
  • Aleks and Yelena fight so hard, it's almost like they are ex-partners. Maybe they were before he was Bitten.

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  • “A strong young man, if he continues this way, I can see him being an elder some day.” - Truth’s Burden
  • "Aleks is a Garou driven by his sense of duty. He devotes his whole being to any task set before him, and his dedication will either take him far or lead him to a warrior's grave." - Tuhuro Anaath, "Shadow's Edge"
  • " Aleks looks like a guy that can break you in half, and he CAN do it, but he's also such a sweet heart and a teddy bear at heart. " Paint-It-Black
  • "What can I say about Aleks, he comes around and the energy reminds me of someone with a younger sibling. Today may be my time to shine and do battle, but I am content to know that Tomorrow will be Aleks leading the charge and I am at peace." - Warborn
  • "Aleks can be so much more than even he realizes, if he could just look past what he was taught to believe about himself." - Yelena "Steps Towards Redemption"

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OOC Information
Player Jeremy "Geo" Giannetti
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2016080080
Domain MA-005-D
Storyteller Erin Smith