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Character Name Hope Kurosawa
Pronouns She/Her
Creature Type Kinfolk
Kin of Kitsune
Camp Inari's Messengers
Sept Sept of the Lonely Mountain
Faction Gaian Alliance
Pack Mysterium
Position(s) Kinfolk Advocate

Further Information

Hope skewed.png

Notable Traits

  • Many MANY foxes flock around the young woman (Pied Piper)
  • Birthmark visible on her neck/shoulder that looks like Tambiyah's Glyph (Celestial Attunement)
  • She looks rather frail and fragile (Fragile Bones)
  • Has visions
  • Owner of the Inari Kami no Megumi fetish necklace


Standing at 4'9, Paint-It-Black isn't really intimidating in any way. Her sweet face, sparkly blue eyes and pale skin make her look more like a porcelain doll; it doesn't help that she affectionate the Gothic Lolita style or that she mixes traditional Furisode and Hakama with gothic platform boots.

Having inherited her charm and grace from her mother, the beautiful young woman has split black/white hair and a thicc curvacious body (focus appearance) She is however WAY more mature than her mother and has a lot of courage and spunk for a Kinfolk.

Both her and her mother can trace down their ancestral lineage back to one famous Kitsune, Hattori Hanzō "Oni no Hanzō" (Heroic Lineage). He was a famous ninja of the Sengoku era, who served the Tokugawa clan as a samurai, credited with saving the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu and then helping him to become the ruler of united Japan. Hattori Hanzō is Tsuki's Father, therefore, Hope's grand-father.

Theme Songs

  • Born in 1995 of a Kitsune mother and a Silent Strider Kinfolk Father
  • Grew up with her mother with her father visiting when he could/keeping in contact
  • Father went missing, stopped responding to texts 3 years ago (2018)
  • Moved to the Sept of the Lonely Mountain the next day after "The Night the Weaver Sang"
  • Became the Kinfolk Advocate of the Sept of the Lonely Mountain
  • During the Hive Dive of the Sept of Hope's Rebirth in Washington State, Hope contracted "The Meh" as well as strange pale hardening calcification patches on her skin.
  • Went to Alaska, answering the call of the Glasswalker's Tribal Councillor, to help find a cure to "The Meh".
  • Participated in the Umbral Quest to meet Unicorn, to ask the Tribal Totem to help find a cure to "The Meh". Unicorn and her brood tested many things on her, but they did not find a cure.
  • Hope, with the "Whispers" siblings, went to speak with Hophem, the Silent Strider Tribal Councillor. She is now his Herald.

Hope was born on November 22nd 1995 to Tsuki Kurosawa and Rowan Snearl; a Kitsune shifter and a Silent Strider Kinfolk. Blessed by the Celestine Tambiyah, the baby was born with her Glyph as a birthmark. She had a "normal" childhood, growing up in Japan with her mother and various family members and people of the Beast Courts. Her dad would come visit on birthdays and holidays, taking her sometimes for up to a month to his Sept or on road trips.

When the Court allowed it, Hope and her mother moved out of Japan to North America, fluttering from Sept to Sept, helping people and making them feel better. She always had a knack to make people comfortable with her mere presence. The young kinfolk would develop a gift for singing, something her researches on Celestines made her realize was probably from her blessed birth.

The day after the terrible tragedy of The Night The Weaver Sang (2012), Hope had a vision that her and her mother should move to the Sept of the Lonely Mountain in Massachusetts. They were going to need them and the Emerald Mother was pushing her towards this direction.

There they have lived ever since, trying to ease the lives of the shifters.

  • She may look loving and caring, but she's dead inside.

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  • " Mother please! Don't go hugging random people!!" Paint-It-Black to her mother
  • "Look, I know there are some that still think Kinfolk should observe a more...fuck it, Archaic role. I like to tell all of them, from the bottom of my Fenrir soul, to get bent. We need them, and they need to know that as well. They come asking for help or offer it, you give them time, make it if you must!" - Warborn
  • "She's alright, for a Kinfolk. I would prefer it if she remained alive." - Whispered Song

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OOC Information
Player Marlayne Genereux
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2017091502
Domain MA-005-D
Storyteller Erin Smith