Basil Callahan

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Black Ops

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Basil Callahan.jpg

Character Name Basil "Dirt" Callahan
Tribe Silver Fang
Camp Renewalists
Auspice Galliard
Breed Homid
Rank Athro
Sept Sept of the Lonely Mountain
Faction Gaian Alliance

Further Information


Basil is a garden variety American. Black hair, blue eyes, six feet tall. His health seems to be about as good as it gets; but, for a guy in his mid thirties, he looks like he just got out of high school. His lupus form is that of a great pale wolf with bright eyes. He typically dresses in what he deems to be comfortable and what is appropriate for the occasion.

They say that you can tell the difference between a SEAL and say, a Ranger or a Scout Sniper. The SEALS eat, drink, and mingle with the other sailors. Basil is no different; as a SEAL or as a Silver Fang. There is no entitlement with him, only a sense of comradery and the desire to achieve a common goal.

  • 07/19/1986: Born in Cape Fear, NC
  • 05/13/2002: First Change
  • 04/28/2003: Completes the Rite of Passage
  • 08/01/2004: Enlists in USN
  • 12/22/2004: Becomes Fostern
  • 05/28/2006: Best estimated time when he develops a severe drinking problem as means of self-medication
  • 05/01/2012: Marries Jack-Rose Callahan
  • 02/14/2013: Damian Callahan Born
  • 04/25/2013: Becomes Adren
  • 01/25/2014: Lennox Callahan Born
  • 06/06/2015: Becomes Athro
  • 02/2018: Divorces Jack-Rose Callahan
  • 02/01/2019: Retires from USN, the literal "Last Man Standing" of his team. He returns to civilian life, in every sense of the word, alone
  • 02/14/2019: Moves to Worcester, MA
  • 08/25/2020: Begins classes at Worcester State University

File Name: Callahan, Basil N.
Primary Military Specialty: Naval Special Warfare Operator
Secondary Military Specialty: Sniper
Birthplace: Cape Fear, North Carolina
Grade: SO1

  • Basil hates his first name.
  • Basil has a thing for foxes.
  • Basil has been the sole survivor of countless campaigns in which the other members of his team have all died in the line of duty.

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  • "Basil? He's one of the most amazing men I know. Makes you feel right at ease in a matter of seconds." Paint-It-Black
  • "Eh he seems to be an ok guy for a Silver Fang." Casper

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OOC Information
Player Jack Hambly
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2002021278
Domain VA-019-D
Storyteller Erin Smith