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  • "I remember Claudia.. and I remember her 'Boy Toy'. I remember her desolation at losing him.. and I remember her introducing her 'Consolation Prize' to the Court. And I remember how, even then, the anger at being called that sparked in Roach's eyes. Oh.. and between you and me.. Claudia was nuts. Roach isn't anyone's consolation prize.. he has a rare tenacity that will see him through almost anything that he faces. What? You expected me to talk shit about him because he's a Brujah and an Anarch? Oh, my friend, how little you understand me.... I do sometimes wonder what his Sire would think of him were she still around though." - Christian Whitechapel
  • "Young neonate Brujah with sire-issues, and an anarchist who hates Elders.... I enjoy the theater of it all but I will - wisely - keep my distance. I don't need a repeat of what happened in Saratoga." - Sevinch
  • "We've got more than our share of loudmouths in it for the 'rebellion'. Roach might look like one of those at first, but there's more to him than that. It would be a mistake to see that loud, brash exterior and assume that's all there is to him." -Switch
  • "Of all the people I expected to meet in Boston, the songwriter of Bionic Nub was not on the list! He was their bassist and backup singer too, of course - not that many people noticed with their Narcissus-with-an-anger-problem of a lead, Jessie - but his songwriting stood out. Roach is the one who kept the band true to their proto-punk roots and gave what they sang meaning; I mean, have you heard 'Delilah Got Nothing On You'?  It's- . . . at any rate.  That Claudia had the choice between Jessie and Roach and Jessie was her top choice tells me all I need to know about her motives: she wanted someone she could manipulate.  That's not Roach, as time has proven - he's got a bulldog spirit. That she paraded him around as her 'consolation prize' . . . Claudia, she was dense and short-sighted, and didn't know what she had when she had it.  It's like she didn't understand their music at all. They could have been Boston's MC5." - Eva S. Wynne
  • "It is of interest to note, he is just as much a musician, an artist, as he is a Brujah or an Anarch. It just shows, labels do not always fit." - Simon Goodchilde