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OOC Information

VSS Discord in Harmony
Supervising Storyteller Joshua Fischer Click here to edit
Supervising Storyteller's Email Click here to edit

Schedule Second Tuesday of each Month
Location Virtual Domain-Harmony Island

IC Information

Sept Leader Gerald Werner

Warder Love Language, Athro Kitsune (NPC)
Guardian(s) NPC Crew
Den Parent The Seamster
Master of the Challenge Familial Pride, Elder Bastet (NPC)
Fool Missy Cheevis
Master of the Rites James Reynard
Truthcatcher Cold Light of the Morning Before Your Execution
Talesinger Root Canal, Athro Ajaba (NPC)
Wyrmfoe Justin Nicolescu


Northern Kroeber Forest, Harmony Island

Sept Laws

Laws of Wasgo

  • Assume the best in others until proven otherwise.
  • The Pack is strongest when they hunt together. Stand by your Sept.
  • Visitors should be shown respect.

Laws of Unity

  • All Garou, Fera, and Kinfolk who join this sept are equal.
  • As equals, every voice has merit.
  • The majority shall set the course when unity cannot be reached.
  • Conflicts [challenges] between shifters shall not end with death on Sept owned territory.

Important Locations

Allentown, Gwinnett Point, New Providence, Harmony City