Orlaith Byrne

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Full Metal Wisp

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Character Name Orlaith (Orla) Byrne
Tribe Fianna
Auspice Theurge
Breed Homid
Rank Fostern
Sept Sept of the Broken Cage
Faction Gaian Alliance

Further Information

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Orla is a young woman who is small in stature at 5'2" with long dark auburn red hair and one vibrant green eye set among pale skin. Her hair always covers the left the side of her face, which is a mass of scars centering on her missing eye. She is very quiet and seemingly timid except when she is working on or talking about her crafts.

In wolf form, her missing eye is an empty socked amid a mass of scarring on the left side of her head and muzzle. Her fur looks unkempt and thick in tones of greys and browns.

  • 1985 Birth year in Ireland
  • 2010 First Change after she lost her family and was sent to the US and the Appalachian mountains
  • 2012 Lost her left eye, but Completes her Rite of Passage
  • 2018 Rises to the Rank of Fostern and leaves the Pack that raised her to find her own way
  • 2021 Moved to Harmony Island

Orla was born in Galway, Ireland. She is a fetish smith Master Craftsman skill as a weapons smith, silver smith, leatherworker, and woodworker. Her entire life after she lost left eye has been devoted to creating weapons and fetishes for the Nation.

Conversation with the White Stag on August 10th, 2021: Orla moves to the White Stag and offers it gnosis berries after taking second in the Hunt. "Thank you for the reminder that I am still a wolf, even with the loss of my eye." Stag nods to her, "You outperformed those that would assume themselves better. Be it because they underestimated you, or because you trained hard to compensate."


  • She chooses not to heal her face as an act of penance for something she did that she won't talk about.

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  • “She who works with her hands is a laborer. She who works with her hands and her head is a craftsman. She who works with her hands and her head and her heart is an artist.” - Orla
  • "She is a true craftsman, not because she can make glorious weapons or armor, no, she knows when to stop trying. That takes heart to know it is better to give up a project then keep trying to fix what can't be fixed. She has my utmost respect for this." - Jarl Warborn
  • "She may be early in her Dance of Life but she holds a wisdom that some Garou take a lifetime to find, I can not wait to see how the young one continues to grow." - Fala

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OOC Information
Player Racheal S.
MES # US2018070047
Domain NT-001-D
Storyteller Joshua Fischer