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Fala Ursus.jpeg

Deed Name Mender of the Broken Spirit
Pronouns He/Him
Fera Gurahl
Camp Forest Walker
Auspice Ahroun
Breed Ursine
Rank Fostern
Sept Sept of the Broken Cage
Faction Gaian Alliance
Pack Aegis of Gaia
Position(s) Guardian

Further Information


Ursus: A large vary fluffy black bear.

Homid: A 6'4" man with long dirty blond hair and beard. He normally wears cloths that will blend in with the forest he spends most of his time in.

  • 1730 - Fala is born
    • 1738 - Fala experiences his first Change
      • 1740 - Fala goes to sleep
        • 2010 - Fala is woken by a pair of Fianna siblings.
          • 2011 - Fala meets First of Many at Sept of the Old Man of the Mountain.
            • 2021 - Fala is accepted into the Sept of the Broken Cage on Harmony island.
              • 9/13/2021 - Fala is found guilty and Branded Reckless for his actions breaking the Code of Ursa
                • 4/12/2022 - Fala's Brand is removed.
                  • 4/12/2022 - Fala dies protecting Sept of the Broken Cage from the Fallen Snapping Turtle

Fala was born as a Ursus. He spent his time as a cub with his mother at there cave in what is now Louisiana. He never had much if any interaction with anyone outside of his mother. She helped him thru his first change and guided him in learning there role in Gaia's Dance as well as the Code or Ursa. Later he made his way to Harmony Island and joined the Sept of the Broken Cage.


  • "He's sweet..." - Edeline Sideris
  • "He saved my life more than once. It is a debt I can never repay." - Orlaith Byrne
  • "My Brother, the Gurahl called Fala. He is a troubled soul but what I fear the most is he hears me fighting to reach him and pull him back to the light, and takes at that as something meaning to harm him." - Jarl Warborn

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OOC Information
Player Nathan Brown
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2018050051
Domain LA-005-D
Storyteller Joshua Fischer