Adrian M. Stuart

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"For he is Hephaestus - Forged from hell, and he will arise from the flames to rain his wrath upon his enemies. Those who have cast him down will know fear by his hands."
- Ivonne

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Domain: St. Louis, MO - MO-028-D
Player: Doug Stratton (US2006057782)
VST: David Singleton Discord: Nephayel#9399
DST: Rich Smith DC: Mary Sneed

You think you're hot shit, kid?
You aint.
Name: Adrian M. Stuart
Gen:7th "Master Elder"

  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed (I)
  • Established (I)
  • Privilieged (I)

House of the Griffon

Ventrue <3> (? to ?)
Tinia <4> (? to ?)
Julia Antasia <5> (? to ?)
Grifo Léon Pippin Martel <6> (720 to present)
Adrian M. Stuart <7> (750 to present)
Ivonne Martel <7> (900 to present)


"You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase."
Notable Traits
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  • Dark Brown Hair
  • Golden Eyes
  • Bronze Skin
  • Speaks English with a Georgia accent.

    Coming soon.

(Please feel free to add yourself if you feel it is warranted.)

  • He has a prized ghouled stallion that took on some of his more winning personality traits...Have you ever seen a horse look at you, wink, and *then* initiate Majesty?

  • "If patience were measured by the beauty of a painting, hers would strongly resemble a finger painting created with mud."
  • "Further evidence that the Martels choose only from the best. I consider myself fortunate that my own sire's standards were so much lower."- Zoltan Vancura
  • "Your quote." - Your Name
"You can't sprinkle sugar on bullshit and call it a cupcake.""
- Adrian