Ivonne Martel

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WIP: Awaiting approvals.
Domain: Atlanta, GA
Player: Cassie Fields(US2018020089)
VST: Fred S.; Atlanta VST

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* Name - Ivonne Katrina Martel
* Alias - Lady Blackwood
* Clan - Ventrue
* Sect - Camarilla
* Gen - Master Elder (7th)
* Embrace - 900 AD
* Lineage - Martel
* Position - N/A

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Fill some in!

  • She has a thing for musicians.


What's the tea on Ivonne?

  • "Such uncommon beauty, grace, and wit! Why, it's like looking in a mirror!" - Zoltan Vancura
  • "My darling sister! It's as though Venus herself has come down to bless my shriveled black heart!" - Adrian M. Stuart
  • "Do not be fooled by the gentle appearance of the Martel dove. Her claws are far sharper than a Gangrel's and pierce into the mind." - Grifo Léon Pippin Martel


  • Coming soon.

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Background Gist; (Still a wip, living document / may change)

- (Ventrue Only) Embraced 900 A.D in France, after being ghouled for nearly 30 years.

- (Ventrue Only) 900 - 1100 Trained and finished her trial of Agoge/released from accounting. Welcomed into Kindred society, and made a name for herself in the clan of Kings.

- Early 1200s, her disappearance was felt from both within the clan and local society of Frankfurt. Reasons behind her absence were linked with scandal.

- 1205, reappearance briefly in what would eventually be Germany. Turned her first childe, Yubel Blackwood. Ivonne masqueraded under her alt at the time, Lady Blackwood.

- 1205-1400s, remained in Germany for two centuries, laying low. Voluntary torpor for nearly 50 years, until she was awoken by Yubel after her brief period of rest.

- 1400s - 1600, period of traveling, (best period for ties)

- Late 1600s, returns to her newly formed lineage (beneath Grifo's guidance). She aids the house and joins the Camarilla at this period in time.

- 1630s, second childer by the name of Francois Du Maurier is slaughtered by the Sabbat shortly after his embrace. Her hatred for them grows, and she joins in hunting down members of the Sabbat in vengeance for not only her childer, but for her lost clan/sect mates. Ivonne vows to have no other childer.

- 1600-1800s, period of hunting Sabbat and gaining more ground within the Camarilla.

- (Ventrue only) 1813, takes over as head of house for the Martels.

- 1918, steps down as head of the house, as Grifo reclaims his place.

- 1900s - Protects her family, and attempts to survive in the chaos of the New World.

- 2010s - Current, Does not favor technology, finds it tedious. Works on establishing her place in these modern days. With elders disappearing, she has stayed close to those of her house, although she has formed numerous allies. It is dangerous times, for all. She, thankfully, survives the beckoning.