Emerson LeMasters

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Emerson LeMasters
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Clan Toreador
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Master Elder
Morality Humanity
Territory Macon, GA
Lineage House Apollo
Position(s) Prince of Macon Georgia

Further Information


Emerson is about 35 years old in appearance. He has lived all over the world. He has watched many events all though most he doesn't like to talk about. He has two childer that he is very protective of and will rain hellfire down on anyone who messes with his sir.

Time Line

  • Born: Sept 2. 511 to commoner parents who worked in the castle of the first Prince of the Franks Clovis. Emerson had a normal childhood.
  • June 523 Allthough not a strong man at age 12 he became fascinated by his fathers continued work in Corvus Weapons Smith. He started mentoring under his father.


  • Emerson is an equal opportunity Hater. He hates most everyone the same.
  • Mortals say that Emerson is Cassandra's Sugar Daddy
  • Emerson has one eye... no really. Grendel

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  • "I do so love a rags-to-riches story." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Some seek power, and some have it thrust upon him. He took his responsibility not with the ambition of birthright, but in the humility of truth. The leader he is destined to be." - Miguel Cantone

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OOC Information
Player Carl Gosline
MES # US2002045616
Domain GA-016-D
Storyteller Brian W.