Fiona Bizet

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Fiona Bizet
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Pronouns She/Her
Clan Toreador
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Pretender Elder
Morality Humanity
Lineage House Apollo
Position(s) Prince of Richmond, Virginia

Further Information


Fiona Bizet is a portrait artist who has managed to continue to survive and reinvent her art throughout the ages. Known for her ability to bring even the most blase to tears from just a glance at her works, this fiery, red-headed beauty has taken on a role of leadership within her city. Harpy, then Seneschal, and then finally Prince, don't let her pleasing voice and appearance fool you - she is a force to be reckoned with.

  • 1445 - Born in Provence, France
  • 1470 - Embraced by Emerson LaMasters of House Apollo
  • 1470-1705 - As a Neonate, she spent the majority of her time with her family. She was much quieter and focused on results and productivity in her early years. By the time she became Ancilla, she was much more well versed in politics. Of course, knowledge is power and, in this case, freedom.
  • 1706-1811 - A time of revelry and celebration as Fiona took on the world in full force. She engaged in several short affairs, but mostly, this was a time for her to step away from the politics and focus on her art. She also embraced her first Childe during this time period in 1775, Hattie Vermeyen. Her most notable friendships during this time were with Elder Nosferatu Zoltan Vancura and oddly enough, an Unaligned Elder Lasombra called Orion.
  • 1812-1925 - Fiona's art took an interesting turn during this time period. They emoted feelings of loneliness and mania. Her pieces always had such light to them and for a good period over this century, her works inspired something much darker. Perhaps it was purposeful. A tactic in trying something new. Or maybe something had her distraught. During this period, Fiona embraced her 2nd Childe, Mertin Puttkamer.
  • 1926-1970 - Fiona made her way to America, settling down in Richmond, Virginia. She, along with her ghoul at the time, Emily, helped fund the Virginia Fine Art's Museum.
  • 1970-1990 - Fiona becomes Harpy of Richmond, Virginia and embraces her ghoul, Emily Danse-Bizet.
  • 1990-1999 - Fiona steps down as Harpy of Richmond, giving way to Zoltan Vancura to take lead while she was elevated to the role of Seneschal.
  • 1999 - After the Ventrue Prince of the city had been missing for several months, Fiona, having been running the city in his stead, claimed praxis of Richmond, Virginia.
  • 2006 - Her grandchilde, whose name we don't mention, insulted her in front of her court and then, after having been given a warning and full dressing down, proceeded to destroy a few of Fiona's most treasured paintings. She had him brought before her court where her childe was given the right to destroy him for his crimes.
  • 2011 - Fiona attended the Ventrue Ball in Roanoke, Virginia where she attempted to save the Ventrue Prince from the Beckoning. In the process, she used telepathy to try and reason with the Prince where she, along with her friend, Orion, heard the Call. She knew it was calling the Elders and she knew it wasn't her turn... not yet.
  • 2018 - Fiona attends the Toreador Ball in Reims, France
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  • She was involved in the sudden disappearance of the Prince before her.
  • Don't bother asking her favorite color, which changes unpredictably. (She once banned orange for over a year.)
  • Every portrait she paints contains some hidden riddle or jest, but only the truly perceptive can make any sense of it.
  • A rival vampire who once had a lot of influence in the motion picture industry made Princess Fiona (Shrek) into an ogre just to spite Bizet. That vampire is no longer with us.
  • She has entire rooms in her Haven with portraits of various ex-lovers and muses, many of which are Nosferatu in their openly unmasked form.
  • Apparently, she is dating a Neonate.
  • She has heard the whispers of the Beckoning coming for another Kindred.
  • Did you hear that she staked the Prince of another domain during a gathering? Apparently, his domain just stood by and watched.
  • She has a lover in another sect, but other members of the Tower are too terrified of her to call her on it.
  • There is a portrait of her as a mortal in some private gallery in France.
  • She mesmerizes those she disagrees with. It's how she's stayed in power for so long.

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  • "She was a much sweeter Harpy than I. As far as anyone knows, she did not take Praxis of Richmond through appetite or cunning but rather out of necessity. Perhaps she did want it, deep down, and had only to wait. Either way, not too shabby for a painter. Her attention to detail has always been quite remarkable, you know, and I expect it will serve her well in her new role." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "The amount of muses you need to rally into your singular vision pales to those I must for mine, painting in light at 24 frames a second. I translate through muses that work well with me to create the art I have over the centuries - endeavors that are larger than the gross domestic product of some countries. Indeed, I have been responsible for more muses at one time than your entire artistic career." - Miguel Cantone
  • "More of a snake than a rose, don't let the sweet demeanor fool you..." - Name Stricken
  • "Detail Oriented, meticulous and quick to make the right decision. Its called effective management. Don't ask me what the deal is with her favorite color, I don't know if she knows what the answer is till she tells you, and I'll deny I said that last part." - Zeke Wylde
  • "Wise, Kind and exuding and aura of confidence that is more blinding than the sun, im happy to be her Childe, love you Mama." - Emily Danse-Bizet
  • "Efficient and graceful in all she does, be it making the most out of every square inch of a canvas, or presiding over a city of creatures of the night." - Henri
  • "Young Fiona...she reminds me of a better and more sophisticated time. A fine Kindred she has become - A Prince of our noble Tower." - The Mastiff
  • "Invite to home whilst refusing spouse hospitality then scolding. In return slight was given along with apology. Apology unaccepted. Words were stressed but accused of yelling at a Prince not a friend. To claim a friend and act a foe in finality. To claim to love but threat to kill. A labyrinthine rose of madness by any other name would still be quite mad indeed." ~someone betrayed but unimportant

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OOC Information
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Player Lexie Pittman
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2013100217
Domain VA-013-D
Storyteller AJ Parker