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Region East Central Region
Domain VA-013-D
VSS Type Single-Sect
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Domain Code: VA-013-D

   “The best revenge is succeeding where they told you would fail.” 

Description: Richmond is an old city for America. A lot of political shifts have started here but there is a push to keep things the way they are. The Camarilla held the city for most of it’s existence and intends to keep it that way. To do that they have to hold the institutions that keep it together. Places like a bar where local organized criminals hang out; an Art museum where the rich meet, the morgue, hospitals where they do blood drives, offices for Newspapers/journalists, and financial institutions. Kindred being kindred and contentious creatures they are always maneuvering for advantage. Trying to move in on already controlled locations, usually under the guise of mismanagement.

VSS Boundaries: Richmond City, Henrico County, Chesterfield County, Powhatan County, Hopewell, Prince George, Petersburg, Ashland, Dinwiddie County, Hanover County

Storytellers: DST: Nathan Meadows iVST: Allen Parker US2018040022

Camarilla Territory: PC’s Richmond City, Henrico County, Chesterfield County Description: Richmond City is the capital of Virginia. We have a Toreador Prince. It is a tradition here to gain residency in Richmond requires controlling a place you could hold a secure gathering at. Maymont park is Elysium. While other kindred are allowed it is with conditions. ““This is a city that works together to maintain it's beauty.” If you wish to reside here, you need to be doing something to assist with that. Cam or not, we don't "shit where we eat". Those who at least try to provide worth to the domain receive the same protections as everyone else. Ish. New non Cammies who don't want to have to be watched over by the scourge for a certain period of time, should hope to have someone in the city back them. If they've been here longer than a year and a day, then they are established enough.” It is also expected that every member of the court has a place to hold a gathering. These are two of Prince Fiona Bizet courtesies.


Fae Territory: NPC’s Only Ashland

Pocahontas State Park Werewolves: NPC’ Only Chesterfield

Hunter Territory: NPC’s only Petersburg

Hopewell Mages: NPC’s only Hopewell, Prince Goerge

OOC information Overseeing Storyteller: DST: Nathan Meadows

Theme: Grandeur

Mood: Decay

Style Elements Action and adventure 3 Character Development 3 Darkness 3 Drama & Ceremony 4 Mystery & Intrigue 3 Humanity/Morality 3

Schedule: Second Saturday 6pm-11pm Discord in-till further notice

Travel/proxy: Proxying in requires a full sheet in PDF and instructions at least 24 hours in advance of the game, 48 hours is preferred. VST reserves the right to deny a traveling PC entry. There may be NPCs available to play instead. Proxy out of the VSS requires e-mailing the local VST and talking about how you got past hunters or other supernaturals to leave and come back.


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