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Sunny glyph.png

Deed Name Claws of Sun
Pronouns he/him
Fera Bastet
Camp Balam
Auspice Daylight
Breed Metis (Bastet)
Rank Adren
Faction Gaian Alliance
Pack Here Comes Trouble

Further Information


Sunny most often walks around, at least in the company of shifters and kin, in Sokto form (the Bastet equivalent to Glabro). His clearly visible Metis traits make Homid form a bit pointless anyway. In whatever form, it is obvious enough that he's descended from the Balam (werejaguars) - the spotting pattern at least always faintly visible. Even in Homid, it's clear that his physique is naturally built to fight, and fight fast. Tall and lithe, he doesn't look like the traditional package of muscle for a bouncer or goon. When you remember he's Bastet, though, it clicks.

He almost always chooses clothing that's comfortable, practical, and economical - the rule of the day is "I'll probably get blood on it anyway, so why wear something fancy?" Often dark red, dark gray, or black clothes just to cover up those stains.

Obvious Traits: Monstrous, Mark of the Predator

  • October 2021: Sunny walked away from the Sept of the Lonely Mountain after the Auspice Council voted to remove him as Wyrmfoe, announcing that he was going to Worcester, the home of the local Hive. His whereabouts have since been somewhat elusive, though locals may know that he was later seen at the Sept of the Deepest Den... so he's apparently still alive.


  • "Willing to stand up to a Sept Leader to do the right thing" Fala
  • "Sunny is Wyrmfoe. Must submit to high station. No am is choosing other choice." - Aleksey "Aleks" Volkov
  • " Sunny is... how to describe him? He's quite impulsive at times, but he does have the best of the Sept and it's people at heart. He's a good person!" Paint-It-Black
  • "I got nothing personal against a Bastet with a desire to pick a good fight. What I have issue is someone that would get others hurt or killed because they can't read the room. Not sure if this guys is that kind, but I have been meaning to go visit that Sept for some time." - Warborn
  • “Sunny doesn't understand the subtle word tact, but he sure tries to make up for it with that massive chip on his shoulder.” - Truth's Burden
  • "He was smart enough to run from an incarna, which puts him ahead of like 75 percent of the ahrouns I've hung out with." Duke Derrickson
  • "I like him okay but the man is a loose cannon. And it's like he wants to be a ragabash but can't commit, is that a cat thing?" Small Pharma

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OOC Information
Player Andrew B
Pronouns he/him
MES # US2020010032
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Erin Smith