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Deed Name Claws of Sun
Pronouns he/him
Fera Bastet
Camp Balam
Auspice Daylight
Breed Metis (Bastet)
Rank Adren
Sept Sept of the Lonely Mountain
Faction Gaian Alliance
Position(s) Wyrmfoe

Further Information


  • "Willing to stand up to a Sept Leader to do the right thing" Fala
  • "Sunny is Wyrmfoe. Must submit to high station. No am is choosing other choice." - Aleksey "Aleks" Volkov
  • " Sunny is... how to describe him? He's quite impulsive at times, but he does have the best of the Sept and it's people at heart. He's a good person!" Paint-It-Black
  • "I got nothing personal against a Bastet with a desire to pick a good fight. What I have issue is someone that would get others hurt or killed because they can't read the room. Not sure if this guys is that kind, but I have been meaning to go visit that Sept for some time." - Warborn
  • “Sunny doesn't understand the subtle word tact, but he sure tries to make up for it with that massive chip on his shoulder.” - Truth's Burden
  • "He was smart enough to run from an incarna, which puts him ahead of like 75 percent of the ahrouns I've hung out with." Duke Derrickson
  • "I like him okay but the man is a loose cannon. And it's like he wants to be a ragabash but can't commit, is that a cat thing?" Small Pharma

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OOC Information
Player Andrew B
Pronouns he/him
MES # US2020010032
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Erin Smith