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VSS Mysteries of the Night
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IC Information

Sect Camarilla

Prince Coinin White
Sheriff Jackson Heart
Keeper of Elysium Open
Harpy Open
Scourge Unknown
Banu Haqim Primogen Open
Brujah Primogen Anton Verdone
Gangrel Primogen Open
Malkavian Primogen Open
Nosferatu Primogen Pythia
Toreador Primogen Open
Tremere Primogen Open
Tzimisce Primogen Open
Ventrue Primogen Open


Macon and Gray, GA



Important Locations

Cannonball House in Macon: Corrupt politicians and Mafia Kings have set the historic Cannonball house as a conveyance point. Luckily for the Kindred of the Camerilla they own this territory. What is business without humans? So do be careful what you do and say.
Fort Hawkins in Macon: Controlled by the Street gangs in the area. This is neutral ground where they can debate terms or handle conflicts without turf war. The Camerilla use this as a way to control flow of the crime in Macon.
Art Studio in Grey: Roman's Art Studio has the cover and the remoteness to store

Territory Summary
Run by old money and underlying street gangs and mafia ties, there are many who haven't been bought. The shining lights trying to clean up the territory show up, but always die bloody. Even with the corruption, Historical preservation seems to be a huge deal. With an incorporated presence of Hunters, breaking the Masquerade puts every last Kindred and other supernatural creature that call this territory home at risk. Tensions are extremely high as the threat of cold war exploding with the Anarchs to the south is always a danger. Only the most fearless live here or come in study of the long mystic secrets hidden beneath the streets.

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