Hal King

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Hal King
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Clan Knight of the Moon
Sect Anarch
Social Class Pretender Elder
Morality Humanity
Territory Macon, GA

Further Information


6’0” , long stringy hair, good build. Grim look on his face all the time

  • 1274 Born
  • 1274-1329 Lived a a adventurous life
  • 1329 Embraced
  • 1404 Joined the Movement
  • 1404-1680 Fought for the Movement
  • 1680-1690 Went into seclusion
  • 1690 Moved to America
  • 1691-2020 Lived in the Midwest, preaching the word of the Movement to any and that he could
  • 2020 Moved to Georgia
  • 2021 Moved to Macon

Born in England near to Scotland on the coast. His early life was mostly normal. Filled with growing pains and the struggles of youth. He hunted for food and led a simple life.

As a young man he developed a hatred for things that seemed unjust to him. He dealt with these people in his own way. Sometimes taking things too far.

As he grew older his rage and fury landed him in an asylum where he spent many a year. Here he was ignored for the most part. Left to his imagination.. then one night he simply disappeared.

After he was turned he was used for entertainment by his Sire. But in doing so he slowly earned some respect. And thus he was taught more of how to be what he was.

More than anything else he learned that he was a killer. So he killed to survive.

In the following years he traveled around Europe watching time pass by and trying to stay out of being in it.

Soon he had had enough of Europe and traveled to the new world. He lived in the Midwest for a time until he heard a call for those of the movement to come together in the southeast. So he packed up and moved, answering the call.

There he met another kindred. These two shared knowledge with each other, learning how better to stay alive.

He has lived in the area ever since, moving every few years. Never staying in a big town, but always keeping up with current events.

OOC Information
Player Jeff Sexton
MES # US2015050011
Domain GA-016-D
Storyteller Brian W.