Lenard “Leo” Teller

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Lenard “Leo” Teller
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Pronouns he/him/whatever
Clan Malkavian
Sect Unaligned
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Territory Macon, GA

Further Information


Leo appears as a man in his early forties in modern dress of the upper middle class. His short cropped hair and sunglasses give him a hint of a military presence but his bearing is more reserved. The look in his eyes is always of someone distracted by something.


1734 - Born in a small town in Massachusetts where he grew up to make a living as a farrier and blacksmith.
1775 - As the war with England loomed on the horizon, Leo was pulled into service of his sire Character Link Option who was a Malkavian and battlefield commander.
1783 - The end of the war was the end of his accounting and Leo set out on his own without faction to make his way in the world.
1783 to 1998 - This period is a blank slate and any number of things may have occurred during these years. Leo makes no mention of this time to anyone. Character Link Options
1998 to 2010 - Leo becomes more active with other cities and can be found around the Southeast helping cities and towns uncover "missing information" as a way to bribe locals into letting him live and feed in the area.Character Link Options
2010 to 2021 - There is no record of Leo during this period of time.


Leo has served his vampiric communities as someone who can uncover information from the most unlikely of sources. He has connections to resources that puts him on par with younger members of the Venture clan and skills in the art community similar to those of the Toreador. He has a love of art and works in metal with some of his items going for thousands of dollars.


One of his works of art included a nuse hanging from a metal tree. The piece was highly controversial and eventually taken down after someone hung themselves from the provided rope.

While he focuses in art, he is an expert weapons smith. Those items are nearly always commissioned pieces and it's not money that inspires him to create these master craft blades.
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"If you look closer and listen, you can hear the art talking to you."
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OOC Information
Player Matt S.
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2OO2O2336I
Domain GA-016-D
Storyteller Brian W.