Mr. Church

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Mr. Church
Caitiff.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG


Clan Caitiff
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Territory Little Rock, Arkansas
Coterie: 91
Influence conglomerate: Monolith

Further Information


Mr. Church is an Animal Breeder and Veterinarian. He has always had an affinity with animals and a passion for breeding them to be stronger, smarter, and fiercer.


Born: February 28th 1830 Embraced: February 28th 1875
Moved thru North and South America looking Exotic Animals
Moved to Conway in 2011
Joined the IA in 2016

  • If you have a need to hire Mercenaries, I would consider adding you to my timeline.
  • If you taught Mr. Church a discipline(Animalismx3, Auspexx1, Fortitudex3, Potencex3) in his Background, I would consider adding you to my timeline.

He grew up in the Bayou of Louisiana to an upper class family. He didn't care about the politics of his family but he listened and learned as he matured. When he was 15 he got caught running the largest and most gruesome animal fighting ring Louisiana has ever seen. His father wanted him to learn discipline and respect so he was sent to Louisiana's Finest Military Academy for Young Men. It was there that Virgil learned about building a New Persona. He branded himself Mr. Church and did his best to stay out of the spotlight. He quietly studied and received his Veterinary License in 1852.
Mr. Church loves new animals and the deadlier the better. While on an expedition for the Chupacabra in southern Mexico he caught the attention of a Vampire. After a long game of cat and mouse Mr. Church was caught and tortured. He left the jungle a year later as a babe in the woods.
Mr. Church had a difficult time as a Vampire. He eventually found himself in Detroit with a Traditional Camarilla Prince who believed Caitiff should be destroyed. Rayne Valarian vouched for Mr. Church and paid a significant boon to the Prince.
When dealing with Mortals Mr. Church uses the Alias Dr. Banner and is a Professor at the University of Arkansas Conway. He works at the Pyrotechnics building.


Established - As Harold of Conway
Guardian - As Harold of Conway
Courageous - Recognized by Prince Deaglán Síl Aedha Eaniagh
Defender - Recognized by Prince Dona La Rue

Known Associates

Rayne Valarian
Victoria La Rue

Skills for Hire

Vicissitude including Bonecraft Prodigy

Retainers for Hire

Mr. Hide *Obfuscate x5
Cuddles the Hellhound *Potence x5 and Celerity x5
Fluffy the Hellhound *Potence x5 and Celerity x5

Character Goals:

• Mr. Church wants to help make the IA relevant using his Retainers, Influence, and Himself by physically traveling.
• What happens when the Camarilla tries to destroy a member of the IA? How will different sects show hospitality towards the IA? How will the IA respond when another sect destroys one of its members?
• Death and Glory: If your character is unexpectedly killed, how would you want the ending to go? (Please include PVP and PVE endings) I want him to be remembered and referenced as a active member of the IA. He wants to create a system of power similar to Justicars in the Camarilla.
I want the final destruction to be known.

Notable Traits:

He always wears a claw necklace.

Preferred forms of address:

Mr. Church

Favorite Movie:

Human Centipede, Princess Bride, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Vampire Hunter D, Teeth, Get Out


91 really stands for (Insane Asiago)
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  • "A veterinarian with a history of animal abuse. Well, we all have our contradictions I suppose, and who among us hasn't done worse?" --Zoltan Vancura

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OOC Information
Player Matthew Costa
MES # US2002021172
Domain AR-012-D
Storyteller Howell Herrin