Mercurio Giovanni

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Mercurio Damiano Giovanni
Giovanni.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG
Clan Giovanni
Clan Faction None
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity

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Mercurio is a business minded fixer for the family with a high sense of etiquette and manners, but can be aggressive and cutthroat when it comes to acquiring,maintaining, and protecting the interests of the family,He puts a high priority on respect and getting business done, but if the situation calls for it he will remove etiquette and become a cut throat monster.

He like many of his family, have a high sense of value for his family and spends most of his time when not handling business, spending time with his family members.

  • 1921 - Born in Chicago.
  • 1940- Receives the Proxy kiss and begins working with his sire Cecelia to learn about that side of the family business and to prove himself worthy of the embrace.
  • 1940-1945- Lived in Venice with his sire and spent some time traveling around the area working with her as her apprentice, when world war 2 breaks out the worked at keeping family security on lock and making sure secrets and masquerade was maintained. During his time there he met his future wife Valentina.
  • 1944- Mercurio and Valentina were married.
  • 1945- 1961 after world war 2 Mercurio, Ceceilia, and Valentina return to the United States and return to Chicago. Mercurio and Valentina receive the embrace in April of 1961 shortly before hand they give birth to a pair of twins.
  • 2009 - Mercurio is sent to Switzerland to help maintain security and protect interests while the family takes control over the Swiss Banks.
  • 2011 to 2021 - after the raid in Venice, Mercurio returns home to Chicago to maintain security and flee the hunter threat in Europe. He spends his time securing territory and domains for the independent alliance in Chicago, he works closely with some of the families kooks and enforcers in hunting down Premascines and looking into rumors of capidocians.
  • November 2021 to present - Mercurio receives a summons from his grandsire to travel to Denver to aid the family and sect in Denver.

Mercurio was the son of Niko and Cadenza Giovanni in Chicago in 1921 to a well off pro alleged family within the clan. He family capitalized and made a lot of money during prohibition and the depression, His mother, a powerful necromancy and father a cut throat business man. Mercurio was the middle child of three with an an older brother and younger sister. He spent a long time as a ghoul before receiving the embrace. Through his intense training and upbringing he is very confident of himself and his abilities. He bases a lot of himself around manners and respect but at the flip of a switch when needed he can become cutthroat and merciless. He works a lot in the sect as a fixer, and runs security and has spent times as a negotiator and diplomat. He believes strongly in serving his La Famiglia. He will treat many with respect and decency so long as decorum is upheld and proper respects are shown, but if not or if he feels slighted, he will seek appropriate vengeance and has a long memory. 2021 he has travelled to Denver from Chicago at the beckoning of his grandsire to aid the independent alliance and the family.

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Player Michael Holabeck
MES # US2013080090
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Stacy Deloria