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Bless your heart....

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Character Information


Name: Evaline Mae Jackson

Clan:: Ventrue

Neonate: Appears 25

Sect: Camarilla

Society: The society of the Teloah de Canilu

Southern Scholar

Personality Evaline already has a great deal of knowledge for her young age——soaking up the written word in many languages. Often seen with a book in hand, cross referencing them for connections on current issues. When in conversation, she has a lyrical Southern accent, is well mannered and witty. Quick with a warm smile to set a person at ease. Her hair is oft put up in a messy, but somehow strangely flattering bun. The rest of the time it is down and free flowing waves of blonde.

Notable Traits:

  • Personal Masquerade
  • Blue eyes.
  • Tends to wear one silver cross.
  • Her outfits are comfortable, yet fashionable and with the times.


  • Born in 1985 to a religious family in Savannah, GA.
  • Her education was extensive, earning her multiple degrees in the span it takes most to learn one.
  • Evaline caught the eye of an up and coming young Ventrue for her way to build connections and tenacity to find answers while working for the St. Louis Zoo a Veterinarian.
  • Embraced in 2011 following an attack rumored to have involved The Forest of Teeth. Her accounting and subsequent Acknowledgement came within her first year.
  • 2016, in the same Hunter attack that killed the former Prince, her sire was murdered as well. Evaline herself barely survived the onslaught thanks to some local domain members.
  • After the death of her sire, she was taken in by the new Prince James Fairweather, as her sire had previously been Favored by him.
  • Present day Evaline spends much of her time researching with the Teloah de Canilu as a Librarian and assisting her local domain's Sheriff.

Skills Known For

  • Skilled with Influence.
  • Lore Master.
  • Investigation
  • Academics: Zoology, Ethnobiology, Mathematics, Anthrozoology, Biology, and Veterarian


  • Avid book reader of history, poetry, and anthrozoology journals.
  • Occult studies and lore vary pending on her interest at the time.
  • Lover of animals in all shapes and sizes.

It's not Polite to Gossip, but have you heard...

  • I heard she never fully took the embrace
  • I heard her she out smarted a luminary in a saloon with nothing but her wit and her southern charm


  • "At present she seems content to be of use while learning as much as she can, just as a young vampire ought. It will be interesting to watch her development as the ambitious nature of her Blood becomes more apparent." Zoltan Vancura
  • She is a paragon of many things, of humanity, of academics and lore , and most importantly of honor , I am proud she is a king" - James Alexander Fairweather


  • Feel free to add yourself if the PC has made an impression on yours in her travels.

OOC Information

Player: Lindsay Morrison-Jahr

Email: disbelievethis@gmail.com

Member Number: US2013120081

St email: vst.camarilla@virtual.modernenigmasociety.org

Nefer Meri Isis.jpg Ventrue Sire: Dorian Hollen (deceased)

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Brood mate: None