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The Strivers Club

Speaker: N/A
Secretary: Zephyr A.J. Redmon [NPC]

Strivers are artists and fighters-- any sort of kindred who values their skills above all else. Once upon a time, they competed with each other to count coup on the Sabbat in Manhattan; now they challenge each other to new heights for the sake of pride and self-improvement. Strivers are known for their fondness for symbel challenges as a way to keep score and the luxurious private building they maintain as a meeting place.

Strivers HQ - A pair of innocent looking brownstones on Striver's Row conceal a space created by vampires, for vampires. The two buildings have been merged together and the basement enlarged, with both public and secret entrances. Striver's HQ includes a variety of workspaces for artists and crafters, a bloodwine cellar, and a potence-rated boxing ring as well as some truly beautiful interior decoration.

Qualities: Workshop (Painting), Workshop (Sculpture), Workshop (Photography), Location, Luxury, Size


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