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Name: Alejandro D'Anconia (he/him)
Clan: Ventrue
Status: Camarilla Neonate
Note: The Secretary of the Compass Table is the youngest of the three society secretaries in New York, and the only one who can claim to be the founder of his group. He balances this classically overachieving Ventrue accomplishment with an often-informal approach to The Bulletin's and unlife in general which leaves him out on Staten Island, in the oldest, most isolated, and least valued parts of his clan's territory. His opinion on this is not publicly known.

Name: Sara Weinberg (she/her)
Clan: Banu Haquim
Status: Camarilla Neonate
Note: Formerly a librarian for an associate of the Councilor of the College of Flesh and Blood, it's said the current Secretary of the College of Six Worthies gained her current position as part of a bargain to store certain Banu Haquim artifacts in New York after her clan joined the tower. Once, this made her the the least likely of all her peers to take a side or venture an opinion, but the Beckoning unchained Sara from her hierarchy and her debts, and now it's really just a question of when and how she begins to play the game...

Name: Zephyr A.J. Redmon (she/her)
Clan: Malkavian
Status: Camarilla Neonate
Note: This former Baron of Long Island City only joined the Camarilla after the disappearance of her great-grandsire, Prince Caldwell, and is more of an enemy of the Caitiff of Coney Island and the Traitors in Queens than a supporter of the Tower. Regardless of the grudges that time has inflicted on her, as Secretary of the Strivers, Zephyr embraces and embodies the passionate humane nature of her society. It's unknown if her issues with weather and time of day are her true clan derangement or an affectation.

Name: Barebones (she/they)
Clan: Nosferatu
Status: Unaligned Ancilla
Note: This nomadic dealer in secrets and artifacts comes through New York on the regular, always with a few family members along for the ride. Barebones seems to be in it for the traveling as much as the wheeling-and-dealing and always appreciates learning, seeing, or experiencing something new.

Name: The Traitors (coterie)
Members: Min-kyu "Min" Kwon of the Vipers (he/him), Amity Carter of House Goratrix (he/him), and Nadav Rivera the Caitiff (they/them)
Note: A coterie of former Camarilla members and independent clans that currently leads the Independent Alliance territory in Queens. The Traitors ripped their domain from the Camarilla, and the scars are still fresh. This coterie is also rumored to have more members than just the public few... hopefully none still in the Camarilla.

Name: Gwendolyn Rogers (she/her)
Clan: Pander/Caitiff
Status: Anarch, Unknown
Note: The leader of the Caitiff of Coney Island favors long skirts, braided hair, and dropkicking people through walls. This Ex-Sabbat 'Anarch' keeps her domain so walled-off from the rest of the city that there's no public information about her politics other than the amount of violence involved. But no public information doesn't mean no information. 'Empowering the clanless' seems like a likely goal, but who are her allies?

Name: Radomir Kocelj Nitriansko (he/him)
Clan: Carpathian Tzimisce
Status: Unaligned Elder
Note: The most visible and perhaps the most powerful Elder on Long Island, Nitriansko came over from the Old World when his clan joined the Camarilla and then very pointedly did not follow them. He's been putting together a modernized voivode's domain in the area ever since, with blood bonds and well-rewarded retainers all around. Montgomery Sutton of Clan Ventrue is known to act as his public face.

Name: The White Wolves of Wall Street (pack)
Tribe: Unknown
Status: At Large.
Note: This pack of werewolves travels in and out of New York as they please, with significant influence in the Financial District. It's said any Kindred who tries to meet with them privately is a fool who will soon be ashes, but there's a few records of conversations held in public that did not end in violence. It's also said some of these wolves are as old or older than many of the Vampires in New York.

Inactive NPCs

  • Gabriella Meira - The earliest leader of the Sabbat in NYC, a Lasombra. Died to a combination of the Camarilla and werewolves.
  • Archbishop Rodgrigo - A historical leader of the Sabbat in NYC, killed by a Lasombra who later went to the Independent Alliance.
  • Christopher Farrier - The first prince of the Camarilla in NYC, and a Gangrel. Died to werewolves.
  • Ansel Van Wylon - The second prince of the Camarilla in NYC, and a Nosferatu. Died to a coup.
  • Delphine Caldwell - The third prince of the Camarilla in NYC, and a Malkavian. Disappeared during the Beckoning.

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