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Character Information


Name: Aaren Storm

Clan: Banu Haqim

Position: Primogen for Harmony City

Social Status: Neonate

Sect: Camarilla


  • Courageous Archon Young for destruction of a Baali Pit.
  • Favored from Prince Don Carlos.
  • Courageous from Dragon of the South Prince Zeke Wylde defense of the domain.
  • Loyal from Primogen Ieuen Parker.
  • Honorable Prince Don Carlos

Concept Mortal Society: Businessman who owns a casino/hotel complex.

Concept Kindred Society:

  • Field Operative dealing with information extraction on Hunter activity.

Personality: Assertive, Clever, Insightful, may be a Ravenclaw is the current vote. He's known to be open minded on working with other Clans and Sects to preserve the Masquerade.



  • Born 1720 in Transylvania to parents of minor nobility.
  • During his teen years groomed to take over his family's estate being taught reading, writing, and how to manage merchant records since the family owned well established vineyard catering to other influential families along with the Church.
  • Aaren developed the talent as a medium after secretly attending a pagan ceremony. The boy managed to keep this talent a secret as well as his interest in the occult until his adult years.
  • 1744 Aaren's talent was exposed during a funeral ceremony. The incident was just enough of a scandal to land him in a crossfire of politics. At the time, the Orthodox Church monks were stirring up a revolt to reclaim the area and he ended up the perfect scapegoat to pursue their goals. He was sentenced to death as of the *Devil's chosen.* He fled the area after being told by a wraith of his impending trial. By sheer luck, he managed to cross paths with his future sire who found the boy's talents interesting enough to offer the opportunity to be a research student. Aaren accepted the offer and quickly ghouled to begin learning life as a Banu. When he questioned his mentor to why they were in the area he was met with two answers. The first being his sire was looking to establish relations with those of Clan Tzimische to understand their practices of sorcery. The second was following up on a rumor of a rare Tremere bloodline with their own unique practice of sorcery.
  • Eventually Aaren was taken back to the Mountain for future testing and training where he was eventually embraced and began training as a sorcerer. At which time he decided to forever leave his mortal name and take on the name of Aaren to reflect the meaning of his name in Hebrew as "Strength of the Mountain" as a way to reflect the education the Mountain taught him with the arts of sorcery.
  • He emerged back into kindred society during the clan Schism, leaving the mountain to travel for a time until he settled at Harmony Island due to the low number of Tower members as a request of his clan in 2021.
  • Involved in Ritual to Save the World.
  • Settled into Harmony Quay deciding to open a Casino named "The Tempest" as a herd source as well as access point to keeping tabs on the mortals knowing such a place would draw in all walks of life.
  • He's beginning to establish himself as a reliable neonate due to his sorcery talents and unique approaches to handling threats to kindred society.

The Tempest/Odyssey Hotel


Talents for Hire

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  • Medium ability to work with wraiths as well as understanding their place in the world. (necromancy/wraith lore)

Rumors, Gossip, Secrets, Oh My!

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  • May have Changeling blood due to his exotic appearance.
  • Helped destroy a Baali pit with two anarchs.
  • Recently joined a coterie working on extraction of Hunter information in the SW region.



"Aaren Storm calls it like it is, ya see? Blunt honesty in what's usually a stuffy room of not-so-truthful hot air." - SOL

OOC Information

Player: Mindy Kolp

Email: Aarenbanu@gmail.com

Member Number: Us2002034157

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