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The Tempest Casino:

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The Tempest

  • Prestigious Stock Location 8 traits nestled in the heart of Banu domain of Primogen Aaren Storm.
  • The Tempest is your modern-day elite casino tourist destination in the heart of Harmony Quay Hotel and entertainment district.
  • The Casino offers table play, video poker, along with slot machines for any budget.
  • Art gallery design along with side gallery rooms hosting local artists and traveling exhibitions.
  • Indoor and outdoor botanical gardens with extensive flowing water features and fountains that flow throughout the Gardens.
  • Cigar Shop.
  • Several dining venues ranging from casual to cultural destinations around the world.
  • VIP Kindred Room.
  • VIP Banu Hookah room reserved only for clan functions and special guests of Elder Jahangir Al-Tanin.
  • Club Envy: Adult entertainment club where fantasy meets reality should your credit meet the standards.

Odyssey Hotel

  • Luxury hotel and dining.
  • Executive meeting rooms and wedding reception ballrooms.
  • Full size pool and spa services.
  • Indoor shopping galleria for that unique gift.

OOC Information

Player: Mindy Kolp

Email: arienbanu@gmail.com

Member Number: Us2002034157

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Odyssey Hotel and Casino Gardens :

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Traits: buffet gauntlet profitable security location firewall fancy guards