Silvia Oletti

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Silvia Oletti
Pronouns she/her
Creature Type Ghoul
Domitor Lady Mimas
Lady Mimas's Clan House Tremere
Lady Mimas's Sect Camarilla
Lady Mimas's Social Class Ancilla

Further Information

  • Born: 1909
  • Ghouled: 1936
  • Reassigned to Pasadena area: 1940
  • Mentored Astrid: 1942-1944
  • Formally Denied the Embrace: 1944
  • 'Gifted' from Astrid's sire to Astrid: 1950
  • Arrived in New York: 1954

Silvia defines her life into three parts: the forgettable time she spent as a mere mortal, an affluent spinster-in-the-making dilettante who preferred life in magickal society; then, her indoctrination into the Tremere and strenuous service to the Clan; and finally, the time when she accepted that she would never be initiated their ranks and learned to love serving her previous mentee, now domitor, Astrid Strand -- an ancilla who operates in Camarilla society under the magickal alias Lady Mimas.

In these living days, Silvia carries herself as loyal to the Pyramid first and foremost, and faithfully attendant to Mimas as an inextricable condition of being blood bound to the same woman for decades on end. There is little room in her life for personal pride or ambition, nor would she seem to care to explore it if pressed. Yes, she's dependent upon medication to help her balance day life and night life, but an amphetamine addiction is just part and parcel of living two lives, isn't it? Her world has collapsed into the single point of service to her betters, and for better or worse, the Camarilla is her home now.

  • It's unofficially official that Silvia will never be getting the Embrace from the Tremere.

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  • "Jealous? I have a purpose, I have direction, I have the privilege of serving people who have seen the turning of ages, and I am allowed to bear witness to works of beauty the likes of which only a fraction of humans in all of the world will ever see. What, or who, do I have to be jealous of?" -- Silvia, on herself

"She's really good at what she does. Like she's super prepared at anticipating what's going to be needed. Like exceedingly good. Oh that reminds me I need to return her notebook and pen!" - Kenneth Bilge
"This is not a time and place that often understands the relationship between a servant and their household. Lady Mimas has her affairs in order, and her mastery is clear to see in the manner in which her servant keeps her." - Beatrix
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OOC Information
Player Sarah Box
Pronouns she/her
MES # 2017050039
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Emily L