Shade Rains

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Shade Rains
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Pronouns He/Him
Clan Lasombra
Sect Anarch
Sect Faction Constructionist
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Gang Tribe Eternal
Position(s) Herald

Further Information


Owed more to the legacy of his blood than his mortal roots, Shade Rains is a majestic example of Charisma and Charm made flesh. Like a perfectly cut and polished Onyx, he darkly shines with a mixture of style, grace, and wit. Impeccably groomed with a captivating, friendly, perfect smile, he wears a masterfully tailored Armani suit along with classically styled designer sunglasses in order to conceal his Void-Black eyes. His short-cut black hair compliments his timeless, elegant style, and further examination reveals that the night’s shadows flit about him, giving a sense of both mystery and welcome at the same time. He smells faintly of roses, and has a preternatural grace to how he holds himself.

As an OLD DOG of the Anarch Movement, he has been a prominent member of Kindred Society in New Orleans since the foundation of the city over 300 years ago. It is well known that he is the right hand, advisor, and close friend of the powerful Elder Gangrel Edgar Rains, serving as his herald, in what might be described as a Seneschal, but for the Anarch Movement in New Orleans.

  • 1685 - born Jean Bernard Thurot in a Saint Croix, a small Colonial outpost in what is now the US Virgin Islands.
  • 1699 - Despite being the son of a French Naval officer, growing up in relative comfort and safety, at 14 he left to be a cabin boy on a French Merchant Vessel.
  • 1699 - Not two months aboard, the ship is sacked and boarded by pirates as the ship was en route to supply a New France outpost in Louisiana. The ships officers are put to the sword, while the rest of the meager crew was gang-pressed into piracy.
  • 1700-1710 - As the Golden Age of Piracy ravages the Colonies, his crew sees wild success after success, much of it attributed to strategies developed from the shadows of Colonial Fleet Tactics he learned from his father. From among the Pirate crew, he is given the name “Shade”, and his meager education and ability to read led to rapid advancement, and at age 20 he became one of the youngest and cleverest Quartermasters in the Bahamas.
  • 1711 - Shade is embraced while ashore the so-called Pirate's Republic of New Providence.
  • 1712-1716 - Shade and his Sire become well known for their night raids and successful capture of English, French, and Spanish Merchant and Naval Vessels. Working alongside his Sire and a small team of incredibly deadly ghouls, Shade and his team pillage both the unsuspecting and dangerously well prepared ships, including Pirate vessels returning to New Providence, heavy with loot to unload. Despite not following a traditional model of Caribbean piracy, their tactics and targets began to yield far more wealth than even some of the most notorious pirate crews and captains.
  • 1717/1718 - As the Golden Age of Piracy continues to roar across the seas, Shade's Sire begins to grow more and more skeptical of the disorganized and infighting-prone egos of well-known crews and captains who failed to see the growing threat of the Royal Navy's influx of Pirate Hunters - they leave the Bahamas and settle in the small port town of New Orleans.
  • 1719 - Shade is introduced to Edgar Rains, a long-time friend and ally to his Sire. They become quick friends, and Shade’s financial prowess begins to bankroll the Anarch Movement throughout the Bahamas.
  • 1720, December - word reaches New Orleans that on November 18th, 1720, Calico Jack Rackham, having been captured by English Naval pirate hunter Johnathan Barnet, is hanged from the neck until dead, having been found guilty of piracy by the Governor of Jamaica. Shade's sire, mad with grief, instructs Shade to stay in New Orleans to work, support, and learn everything possible from Edgar Rains while he goes to enact justice. He is never heard from again.
  • 1720-1758 Works in the shadows to support the efforts of Edgar Rains and the Anarch Movement. Given his knack with mathematics, manipulation, and charm, he is able to further enrich himself through savvy land-use deals with the growing government New Orleans.
  • 1758-1776 Bankroll’s Edgar’s trip to France, and works to deliver welcome bribes to members of the French government as well as the Admiralty, to help continue to garner support for the American Revolution.
  • 1788-1799 travels to France and helps Edgar and many others fight in the French Revolution.
  • 1800-1850 travels with Edgar Rains across Europe. When offered the chance to take the last name “Rains,” does so without hesitation.
  • 1850-1870 - Shade travels back to New Orleans, and uses his fortune to help the Underground Railroad. He uses his now obscene wealth to hinder the Confederacy whenever and wherever possible, even going so far as to use teams of fake “slave catchers” as Underground Railroad escorts and intelligence agents. He invests heavily in munitions businesses, and sells faulty ammunition and powder to he Confederate Forces.
  • 1871-1932 - While Edgar travels, Shade purchases land that will become Havens for The Tribe Eternal & the Rains family throughout South Louisiana.
  • 1932 - Shade welcomes the influx of Kindred from Edgar's travels, throwing a modest "welcome home party" that includes a tour of the family's assets and holdings.
  • 2012 - Shade pulls no punches, and helps assure Edgar Rains' smooth transition as the city's Authority - Consul (Baron) of the Free State of New Orleans.


  • "A Lasombra who favors black, and his name is Shade. What, was there a writers' strike?" - Zoltan Vancura
  • "I'm rather fond of Mr. Shade. He's kept an eye on me since that... rather unfortunate night in New Orleans. Maybe one day I can repay his kindness." - Alice Vermeer

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OOC Information
Player Michael Indest, Jr.
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2002127042
Domain LA-005-D
Storyteller Andrew Herman