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Blonde Goth Nevyn.png

Pronouns They/them, although will accept gender specific pronouns appropriate to presented gender
Clan Nosferatu
Sect Anarch
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Territory Example Territory

Further Information


For a Nosferatu, Nevyn is surprisingly easy to like.

It's unclear where they came from, exactly. They turned up like a stray cat, skirting around the borders, and turning up when least wanted and most underfoot... and then just never really left. What they are, though, is friendly, curious, and (at least tries to be) helpful. Need a hand? Nevyn's got two. Need a guard? Nevyn has a trained critter that they'll loan you for a very reasonable price. Need a medical professional for a favorite retainer that you can't send to a hospital? Well, as Nevyn is quick to assure you, it's harder to get into vet schools than med schools. Are they actually a trained vet? They laugh, but your retainer certainly got their wounds tended with tidy, neat stitches and no questions asked, so that's worth something.

Ties sought: clients, friends, business partners, gang members. Looking for boons traded and stories shared. Exact timeline to be determined and probably built on ties I make.

The Stories I'm Telling:

Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Satisfaction Brought it Back: Everyone loves a good mystery story, and Nevyn is no exception. There is something unbelievably satisfying about seeing something unknown be resolved and get tied up with a nice bow. Nevyn doesn’t exist solely to solve mysteries, but they’re hard-pressed to find a more compelling hobby.

All Creatures Have Value: Nevyn believes strongly that all creatures, no matter how small, large, seemingly useful, or not have value and a place in the order of the world. Their goal is to see to it that they can find their purpose.

When You Can Do Anything, What Do You Choose? With the Camarilla in San Francisco having largely fallen, Nevyn has to choose a path forward. Will they continue sowing their benign chaos (which was their primary form of participation in anti-Camarilla activities for a long time)? Or will they choose to build something?

  • April 1, 1928: Born in Oklahoma City, OK. Mother dies in childbirth, rodeo ferrier dad dumps kid with grandparents until age 8 or so. When grandparents pass, dad picks up the kid again and starts giving them ferrier 101 on the rodeo circuit.
  • 1956ish: Working as a veterinarian, Nevyn wound up in a Sabbat mass embrace event somewhere in the American southwest. Things are pretty fuzzy in their memory for a few years.
  • 1960ish: Nevyn’s pack was killed except for Nevyn and in that moment had an epiphany that being in the Sword of Caine was honestly pretty horrific. They started distancing themselves ASAP and eventually found their way to the Anarchs.
  • 1980: Starts showing up in San Jose from time to time, lending a helpful hand to local Anarchs and loaning animals for all needs
  • 2000: After the appearance of the Red Star, Nevyn puts down the tiniest roots, at least making certain that if they disappear, someone might notice and care what has happened to them
  • 2011: In the wake of the Beckoning, Nevyn becomes a more active presence in the Bay Area, deepening the roots they had started to plant a decade prior


  • "The fact that I struggle to find something unkind to say about Nevyn galls me to no end." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Nevyn saved me from a fate far worse than death. I owe them everything." - Stephen Cox
  • "If anyone so much as touches a hair on Reginald, and he has a lot of them, I will ensure they are lost in the Abyss for eternity." - Stephen Cox

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OOC Information
Player Roo Wetzel
MES # US2002023866
Domain CA-051-D
Storyteller Kyle Morgan