Frederick de Gorizia

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Frederick de Gorizia
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Pronouns He/Him
Clan Ventrue
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Master Elder
Morality Humanity
Society Teloah de Canilu
Lineage House of the Griffon
Position(s) Prince of Pittsburgh

Further Information


Frederick de Gorizia appears to be a white man in his late 30s. He is just below average height for men based on modern standards. He is slightly heavyset. His left leg is unusually stiff, leaving him with a limp for which he uses a walking stick. He typically wears "timeless" fashions that allow him to blend in with mortal society without actually keeping up with the latest fashion trends. He is typically seen wearing clothing of black, burgundy, and gold with gold and ruby jewelry. Since moving to the New World in 1812 he has hidden his face behind a golden masquerade mask.

  • 1266: Born to Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia and Elisabeth of Wittelsbach on June 10th.
  • 1300: Sent to serve Grifo Leon Pippen Martel.
  • 1303: Ghouled by Grifo Martel.
  • 1307: Embraced by Grifo Martel on September 17th.
  • 1330: Released from the Accounting. Acknowledged by his grandsire, Julia Antasia, Prince of Frankfurt.
  • 1300s-1500s: Led battles against inquisitors throughout the Burning Times and anarchs throughout the Anarch Revolt.
  • 1493: Present at Thorns as attaché to his sire Grifo Martel.
  • 1495: Relocated from Frankfurt to London. Continued to travel to cities in need of tactical aid.
  • 1513: Embraced his ghoul, Maxwell Berk.
  • 1812: Led a group of Camarilla kindred to the New World for the purpose of doing battle with the Sabbat and claiming domain over North American cities.
  • 1816: Succeeded in driving the Sabbat out of the municipality of Pittsburgh. Claimed praxis and influenced the mortal government to declare Pittsburgh a city. Left leg was bonecrafted during the final battle, leaving Frederick with a limp.

Frederick was born in the city of Gorizia to the House of Gorizia on 6/10/1266. Frederick was the third born, and second son, of Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia and Elisabeth of Wittelsbach. Frederick’s parents were retainers to the Ventrue lord Grifo Leon Pippen Martel. In exchange for their lord’s favor, Meinhard and Elisabeth swore the life of their second born son to the vampire. Frederick was raised with the same love, care, and education of his siblings, but was intentionally left off the genealogies. His education focused on the knowledge needed by stewards such as etiquette, finances, and politics as well as the education of a military general with a heavy focus on military strategies and tactics. Frederick found a great deal of fun throughout his life playing games of strategy such as chess or stones as well as training in swordplay.

To Be Continued...

OOC Information
Player Steven Shaffer
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2019100129
Domain PA-020-D
Storyteller Francis Whalen