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IC=The White Carnation Social Club was formed by the Green Carnations during their centennial celebration in 1980 at Christian Whitechapel & Claude de Bourbon's manor on the Gold Coast of New York. Though the Green Carnations are a Coterie of queer men, the White Carnations are a Social Group for self identified queer people from all walks of life. Though some outsiders believe the White Carnations to be a Coterie, they are mistaken. The White Carnations were founded so that queer individuals could find one another easier at parties and large gatherings of kindred. Certainly relationships and coteries have formed from within the ranks of the White Carnations, but no expectations of loyalty exist between those wearing the White Carnation. Of course, if one is pinned one likely has interest in getting to know their fellow queers.. so don your gayest apparel, pin a white carnation on your lapel, and let's see how we can network and build ties within the queer community of kindred.


  • The White Carnations are not a Coterie.
  • The White Carnations are a social group of PCs who self identify as Queer.
  • No one is here to gatekeep the definition of queer for you. If you are in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum ICly, or if your PC is a strong enough Heterosexual ally who would choose to identify with the Queer Community your PC is welcome to wear a White Carnation and tag your wiki with the category:White_Carnation - This should be accessible on the MES Wiki Form under "Local Society".
  • Self tagging as a White Carnation OOCly on your wiki, and ICly by wearing one in play, means that you are openly opting into queer centric roleplay and pc driven story lines. This does not mean that you have to say yes to every player and every story that you interact with, but it does mean that you are interested in exploring the intersectionality of your queer identity and your vampiric identity etc.
  • Any questions please feel free to reach out to any of the players of a Green Carnation.
  • If you are interested in Discord RP - You are encouraged to join our discord here :

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