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TX-070-D - Houston, TX
Region South Central Region
Domain Storyteller Kat Marvel Click here to edit
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Domain Coordinator Sudiptya B. Click here to edit
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The New Moon is a time of velvet darkness, the only night when the softest stars can be seen. It represents the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start, and a time of quiet contemplation.


Cultural Norms

1. Play like a storyteller. Do the thing that makes the best story rather than playing to "win."
2. Behave like an adult. This means: a) tell someone if they hurt your feelings; b) ask for help if you're lost or lonely; c) act in the best interest of the group.
3. Effort in = awesome out. Personal effort and participation are both encouraged and rewarded. Make your cheat sheets. Fill out those backgrounds. Spend time on costuming. Ask for character ties. Be brave and enthusiastic and conscientious.
4. Share! Take on responsibilities. Spread the plot. Let specialists do their thing, and appreciate them for it. Be impressed by other characters!
5. Complaints involving a serious crime (theft, assault, rape) will be referred to law enforcement. Houston's volunteer staff will not be responsible for investigating actual criminal activity.


Facebook Group

New Moon Website

Vampire VSS

Houston's prop weapon policy.



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