Rory O'Connor

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Rory O'Connor
Banu Haqim.PNG Camarilla.PNG
Clan Banu Haqim Warrior
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Territory Richmond, VA

Further Information


Born in 1883 AD Cork, Ireland Embraced in 1917 AD Dublin, Ireland Left Accounting in 1961 AD and returned to Ireland Arrived in Richmond, VA in 2021 AD


Rory was born and raised on a farm just outside of Cork, Ireland. In his teen years he started to spend more time in the city of Cork and less at home with his family. With his parents barely able to make ends meet, Rory began to work illegal jobs in and around the city. There was great risk doing the work but the reward was worth it if it meant he could provide for his family.

By the time he was in his late 20s, Rory had become very skilled in his ability to make problems disappear for the organized crime organization in Cork. Rory became so good at his job that when he was 34, he was promoted to a lieutenant within the crime family.


"The Irish fight amongst themselves because they have yet to find a more worthy opponent."

                                                                                                                                                                                     - Irish Saying

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OOC Information
Player Aaron C
MES # US2020070025
Domain VA-013-D
Storyteller Nathan