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Those who use the magic of the blood would do well to learn how to bake a cake first.

Full name:

Rafiq Al Rasheem
Bin Tabari Al Mahdi
Bin Abdullah Al Mansur
Ibn Abdul Muttalib
Ibn Sar-Rat
Ibn Ur-Shulgi
Abdul Haquim zaeim aljabal
Ibn Zillah Aljamila
Ibn Kayyin Al Awal

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The sires of Rafiq have all been lost to the Beckoning. He has no known childer.

It's all part of the Journey.

Commonly Known Information

Name: Rafiq Al Rasheem
Notable Traits: Wears bright colors of Red, Orange and Yellow. Most noted by an Orange Scarf.
Sect and social class: Unaligned, and is a known Sorcerer.
Clan: Banu Haquim

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace
    • Born and Raised in Medina, Saudi Arabia;
    • Studied as a Baker for most of his Mortal Life.
  • Embrace: 1850
    • Rafiq Al Rasheem is in Accounting, learning the way of the Assamite Sorcerers for 156 years.
    • 2010, he moves to Cairo, Egypt, bringing a family along as a cover to continue his practices. He still holds a room in the mountain as a place to meditate.
    • 2020, January, he decides to move to Spokane, WA, after researching many cities in America. He decided this one would be a good place to study further.

Traits and quirks

  • Rafiq is still a baker, and uses Blood instead of Eggs to bake so he can share his creations.
  • Rafiq still teaches the history of the Banu Haquim.
  • If Rafiq does not like you, he will only respond to you when you call him by his full name.
  • Rafiq is openly opposed to the Clan joining the Tower. He sites that judges cannot take sides.

Rumors (add your own!)

  • Rafiq is still in contact with the mountain through a hidden mirror. He will not say where.
  • Rafiq is thinking of infiltrating the IA to disrupt their work.

Quotes about Rafiq Al Rasheem

  • "I've said it before and I'll say it again: unless it is necessary for the Masquerade, a vampire's lips should never touch food! What's the point when there is only one nourishment we crave? You know it's only going to come back up again, don't you? Forcefully? Can you think of anything less dignified than having your thrall hold your hair while you spew into a toilet? That said, I did spy one of Rafiq's towering confections at a party once and I admit I was tempted. Yes, just a bit." - Zoltan Vancura


Rafiq Al Rasheem on the Clans

  • "Those who have joined the tower, of my Clans blood, have lost sight of the mountain. It is not about having a physical place to be, but a rule of life to follow. The tower spits on the laws of Haquim"
  • "I know a Gangrel that is of the sea. His Whale is...big."
  • "Aah, the Brujah. They are loud, and apparently hate talking about Carthage and Fire in the same sentence..."
  • "The Ventrue, unlike the Brujah, love talking about Carthage and Fire in the same sentence...I wonder why."
  • "Malkavians are the seers driven mad. I bet the Tremere did it."
  • "You can trust the Nosferatu to know more about you than you know about them."
  • "The Ministry is...weird."
  • "Why do the Giovanni all have the same last name?"
  • "Gargoyles. I have yet to meet one."
  • "The Tzimesce are unsettling at best."
  • "Is it just me, or does it get dark around the Lasombra?"
  • "All problems get better when a Tremere is turned to ash."
  • "I know very little of the Toreador."

OOC Information
Player: Mark Landkammer
Player email: Click here
C@M Number: US2015050029
VST: David Alverson
Domain: Northwest Gambit: a game of Blood and Power

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