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Felix Evander
Malkavian.PNG Camarilla.PNG


Clan Malkavian
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Luminary Elder
Morality Humanity
Position(s) Primogen

Further Information


Felix likes to be where the action is...not fighting, but politics and the backroom deals. His "sister" Camila Banes always seem get the limelight. He works and endeavors to be in the room where it happens.


Birth year: 439
Embrace year: 474
Year the character left Accounting: 674 (He does not like to talk about why 200 years. Bob helps him though it.)

1063 - Camilla Banes is Embraced and things change....
1346 – Was present at the "The Great Prank"
1400 off and until 1700s - Attended, hosted and crashed many parties with Zoltan
1486 - Camilla becomes a founding member of the Camarilla, Felix goes on party budge
1493 – Convention of Thorns, was there had many doubts and hopes but in the end voiced none. Meets Frederick de Gorizia and sheds enough doubt to support the new sect.
1496 – Treaty of Tyre, was there to witness the signing
1528 – The Promise, was there to witness the signing
1576 - In Paris, meets Diana Crivelli
1816 - Travels to Pittsburgh to celebrate Fredrick de Gorizia Praxis
1925 - In Paris and meets Micheal De Luca at a party and after hitting off over sharing gossip continue communicating over the years.
2001 - 2004 Traveled the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean with Cass Baccara and Baren Marin after initially hiring for a 3 hour tour...I mean 3 day cruise of local entertainment. Ended up hanging with the crew for 3 years. Days, years all the same at this age.
2004 - Heads to NYC meets Ava Melamed and hung around with her for a few years.
2007 – Edict of Succession, was there to witness
2022 - Heads to Pittsburgh for a Halloween bash...

  • "Oh...where was that....yeah I was there...you just did not see me"
  • "Yes, yes... and we all know that Malkavians are renowned for their keen insights. Here, that's insulting to diminish one such as Felix with such a commonplace trope. This is an elder with his finger on the pulse of society and that will always be in the room where it happens..." Michael De Luca
  • "Don't be fooled - he's got a keen mind and a Malkavian's cunning, and he knows how to play the long con. We're peers, which means we're always strongest when we work together. You should be concerned when you see us *both* in the room." Bob

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OOC Information
Player Kevin Tapper
MES # US200202259
Domain PA-020-D
Storyteller Mike Prettiman