Ezekiel Levens

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Ezekiel Levens
Ventrue.PNG Camarilla.PNG
Clan Ventrue
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Neonate
Lineage House of the Griffon
Position(s) Member

Further Information


Ezekiel appears to be a man in his mid-30s with dark brown hair that he keeps slicked back. He is almost always seen wearing business attire, with slacks and a button-up shirt, though he rarely wears ties or suit jackets.

  • Born Febrary 10, 1932
  • Embraced May 14, 1967 by Charles Hakstege (Played by Norman Burnosky - US2019090053)
    • Accounting took 10 years with his sire
  • Moved back to Iowa City in 1980
  • Spent some time working with the Kindred in Des Moines during the 80s and 90s
  • Moved to Des Moines after the Second Inquisition began to move against his holdings in Iowa City in late 2011 to avoid being killed


OOC Information
Player Jon Covaltt
MES # US2003092222
Domain Des Moines, IA
Storyteller Jeremy Pour-El