Edgar Rains

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Edgar Rains
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Clan Gangrel
Clan Faction Outlaws
Sect Anarch
Sect Faction Constructionist
Social Class Master Elder
Morality Humanity
Territory Example Territory
Gang Tribe Eternal
Position(s) Baron

Further Information


Edgar Rains- is an old Gangrel. He has been described as a mystic, nomad, pacifist, political / spiritual advisor, and (merit reputation) one of the original Anarchs. He is known to be the leader of the Anarch gang the Tribe Eternal. He recently was selected as the Consul (baron) of the newly former Anarch free state of New Orleans (2012). Edgar stands at 5’9” with a athletic build, hazel eyes, and an unknown hair color. His flesh is ice cold and uncomfortable to the touch. He also gives of the sense of a predator (eerie presence, obvious predator)

  • Born February 1308
  • Embraced 1344 by Vana Ganandir
  • 1381- 1493: Fought in the Anarch Revolt. Is still a member of the Anarch Movement to this night.
  • 1494-1700: travels to America and all around it. Never staying any particular place more than a month or two
    • During this time Edgar gains a reputation as a political and spiritual advisor (merit: Reputation)
  • 1700-1758: Ends up in New Orleans where is stays for some time. Causing the Prince untold heart ache and annoyance.
  • 1758- Edgar leaves to head to France after embracing Macha.
  • 1789- 1799- Edgar fights in the French Revolution.
  • 1801- Edgar swears an personal Oath of Nonviolence.
  • 1803- Finds Aldur and helps him regain his humanity.
  • 1822- Edgar meet Chava and helps her as a spiritual advisor.
  • 1863- while searching for one of his early childer he finds (Amanda’s character) during the battle of Vicksburg. Her beast was close to taking over. He helped her rebuild her humanity. He saw in her the will to hurt, and knew she could be a useful weapon in the future. After finding her he realizes that she was his grand childer.
  • 1876: finds (Arianna’s character) wandering just outside of Albuquerque. She had been recently embraced then abandoned. Edgar adopts her as a member of his family. They have traveled together since.
  • 1932: Edgar and some of the members of his adopted family settle in New Orleans.
  • 2012: Edgar is named Baron of New Orleans.


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  • "Spiritual leaders seem harmless enough, especially if they espouse ideals of non-violence, but it may be too late before you've realized a cult has sprung up around them. I've found that rarely ends well." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "I met the man long before New Orleans, long before he sheathed his claws and decided to walk in peace. I still remember the night we fought, hours spent slamming in to the other with not only our fists but our wills. It was the night I learned what honor was...and that lesson is why I fight for him now." ~ Bastion

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OOC Information
Player NPC
Domain LA-005-D
Storyteller Andrew Herman