Ward "Ifrit"

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Vengeance for the Fallen


Neotoma cinerea (bushy tailed woodrat).jpg

Character Name Ward
Fera Ratkin
Camp Munchmausen
Auspice Warrior
Breed Rodens
Rank Cliath
Sept Sept of the Broken Cage
Faction Gaian Alliance
Pack Totally Not Trustworthy
Position(s) None

Further Information


Ward, in homid stands right around six feet tall, short if a little uneven cut brown hair and hazel eyes. He dresses pretty simply, jeans and a t-shirt with a slightly oversized zip-up hoodie.


Ward was born in a wildlife research facility, snuck out, and sold as a pet shortly thereafter. He was raised by a history professor who taught pre-modern European Literature where the rat found himself picking up information, after all his human enjoyed reading to him, and practiced his lectures in front of him.

After his first change, Ifrit found himself holding onto the ideas that his human had accidentally taught him, though he added the laws of the Ratkin to the behavioral code. As a result the young rat often found himself at odds and even in direct conflict with members of the nest, he came of age in. He sees himself as a knight-errant and does his best to behave as such.


  • He is in fact a Rage machine, but the pudding he devours keeps it in check

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  • "This guy fucked up a giant snake like he was a god damned mongoose! A++ would fight the Wyrm with again." Duke Derrickson
  • "Ah, my murdermouse Brother. Listen, you have really two choices with him. Appeasement or a Race. You can run away now and it may buy you time but he will get you at some point and it will not be pleasent. Or you can try to leave a crate of pudding for him at his Sept. I give you about 70/30 odds he will not accept the pudding first." - Jarl Warborn
  • " I count Ward as one of my best friends and somebody I trust with my life. He's my pocket murder mouse (when he wants to) and I absolutely adore him. If anybody hurts him, Imma fuck 'em up!" Ghost In The Fog

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OOC Information
Player Jeremy Richardson
MES # US2016090038
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Joshua Fischer