Zane Bevan

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Pronouns They/Them
Clan Banu Haqim Sorcerer
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity

Further Information


1698 CE: Embraced by the Banu Haquim.
1999: Zane returned to the Mountain prior to the Beckoning.
2004: The Banu Haqim become a Pillar Clan of the Camarilla.
2011: After the Beckoning, the Mountain is sealed.
2011: Zane is among the Sorcerers of the Mountain to join the Camarilla.
2022: Elevated to Justicar


Zane is a Banu Haqim of the Sorcerer bloodline, with a fondness for physics, electrical engineering and technology in general, currently holding the Seat of Information Technology on the Council of Scrolls and residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are a Welsh immigrant, coming to the US as a child with their parents, and attended the College of William and Mary before their Embrace.

Zane has spent a good majority of their unlife funding various research for technological advances throughout the country, when they weren't doing research themself.

Rising through the ranks of the Clan quickly, Zane has learned to wield their words as a deadly blade, bringing new meaning to the words "political assassination."

Zane returned to the Mountain in 1999 along with many other Banu Haqim, until after the Beckoning when the Mountain was sealed. They joined the Camarilla and has since been a staunch supporter of Kasim Bayar and the reformation of the Council of Scrolls, taking the Seat of Information Technology as soon as the ink was dry.

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OOC Information
Portrayed by AANST NPCs
Portrayer's Pronouns She/Her
Portrayer's MES Number US2002021570
NST Nationalia S. Teller

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