Whiskey Blood

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Whiskey Blood

Fostern.png Fianna.png Ahroun.png Lupus.png

Character Name Ghosts Cub
Pronouns He/his
Tribe Fianna
Auspice Ahroun
Breed Lupus
Rank Fostern
Sept Example Sept
Faction Sanctum of Gaia

Further Information


Dire red wolf


Born in 2014 Arrived in New Orleans 2018


  • "A young wolf that stood with us to rebuild my former Home. Perhaps some day I will understand the Lupus more, for now I know they are just as strong as the 'two legs' they tend to disagree with." - Gerald Werner

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OOC Information
Player Andrew T. Hermann
Pronouns He/him
MES # Us2005022960
Domain LA-005-D
Storyteller Nathan