The Black Queen

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/The Black Queen/

The Black Queen.jpeg

dir:/Notable Traits

>Fame 2 among hacker collectives.
>Avatar is a black queen chess piece.

dir:/Information Known

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>Collective: The Royal Chessmen


>1986: A Black queen chess piece avatar appears in the code of an email that brought down a South Florida human trafficking ring. This is the presumed start of her career, but no one knows for sure.
>1991: Black Queen Avatar is found in a package that eventually leads the authorities to the home of serial killer Damen Geoffrey, leading the arrest of one the nation’s most disturbing serial killers.
>2011: Black Queen avatars began appearing as a DoS attack on several sites belonging to the Easthollow Religious organization for celebrating the death of homosexual U.S. servicemen.
>2016: She hacked into multiple political figureheads’ accounts and used their credit cards to donate several hundred thousand dollars to charities. These political figureheads had been accused of indecent and unmentionable acts featuring woman and children but were never brought up on charges.
>2017: Exposed, with the aid of several hacker collectives, an infamous dark web site for child trafficking that took down an international marketplace.


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>"Checkmate" - The Black Queen

OOC Information

Player: Racheal S.
Region: Southeast Region
Domain: GA-016-D
VSS: Mysteries in the Night
Territory: Macon, GA
VST: Brian W.