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This is the "Dreaming PC" template, used for pages defining Dreaming 2020 player characters. It should be called in the following format:

{{Dreaming PC

The following parameters are required: charactername, player, playeremail, mesnumber, vss, domain, st, stemail

All other parameters are optional and can be excluded without causing any problems with the display of the template.

If the page for the VSS the PC is assigned to has been created, and the "VST" and "VST Email" pages have been defined for that VSS, those values will override whatever is given to this template for the 'st' and 'stemail' parameters. This is to prevent PC pages from having out-of-date info for the VST, since most players aren't going to update their PC page just because they have a new VST. If your VSS page has out-of-date info that's overriding the correct info on your PC page, go to the VSS page and click "Click here to edit" then edit it. Yes, you're allowed to touch that, as long as you're updating it with correct information.

Edit the page or click "View Source" to see the template text.