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Mike Sandsing


Pronouns He/him
Creature Type Kinfolk
Kin of ????????
Sept Sept of New Growth

Further Information


Mike is a Native American Scientist in his 30s. He s tands roughly 5'8" with shoulder length dark hair.


2007 - graduated high school and lost mom to cancer.

2017 - graduated college. Started working as a pharmacist and research fellow at Pennington Biomedical Research Center

2021 - Stumbled onto the Timken Wildlife Management Area and found the Sept


His curious nature allowed him to stumble upon the Sept and in the process found that he is Kinfolk. A whole world opened up before his eyes that he never knew existed. Now left to be that bridge between his mundane life and learning this new part of his heritage. Having no knowledge of his lineage, he literally is learning his way through this and has no idea what he really is.....

OOC Information
Player Josh Berthelot
Pronouns he/him
MES # US2002022460
Domain LA-005-D
Storyteller Nathan Brown US2018050051