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Further Information


Roque Is 6" tall weighs 240lbs with a fit build, caucasian with well kempt facial hair. Normally wears comfortablly baggy clothes such as gym short, sweats, hoodies, and t-shirts, he rarely dresses up.


Brithday: 08/09/1989 First Change:08/09/2008 Rite of Passage: 2009 Travels the world helping heal and rebuild Caerns: 2010-2021 Moves to Colorado: 8/02/2021


His first change happened during his 19th brithday party with friends in the woods. Cause of this he was found by members of The Nation and taken into their protection. Quickly found his aptitude for working with spirits. Do to his travels he hasn't been in a pack long. Has a kinfolk that works with him as his assistant.


"Just cause it's dead doesn't mean it's not alive." "Knowing your limits is strength." "Courage is acting in spite of fear, not because of it."
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OOC Information
Player Caleb Price
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2019060063
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Brett McCulloch