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Ravnos.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG
Pronouns he/him
Clan Ravnos
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity

Further Information


His hair is never the same color. His eyes are smoky and typically wears a fancy vest offset by general punk appearance.


1854- Boston: Raven, a farmer's son. 1866- Family moved west and settled in future Colorado. 1876- Join the circus. 1879- Embraced into the Sabbat. 1999- Raven survives the Week of Nightmares and nihilism takes him. 2013- Leaves the Sabbat. 2017- Joins the IA. 2021- Comes to Denver.


Raven is a Week of Nightmares survivor who has become nihilistic. Born in 1845 and moved west with his parents. Embraced into the Sabbat, Raven is most known for defecting from the Sabbat to the IA with his pack.


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"Life is a dream." - Raven
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OOC Information
Player Adam Lake
Pronouns he/him
MES # US2004041385
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Stacy Deloria