NST:War Never Changes

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Chronicle OOC Information

Sabbat Chronicle Information
Sabbat 2021 Chronicle page on the MES website
Sabbat VSSs
Wiki pages for each VSS
National Staff Contact Information
Official email addresses for the various offices of the MES National Staff overseeing the Sabbat 2021 chronicle

Venue IC Information

Sabbat Chronicle Worldbuilding
Information regarding "Dark Places on the Map" and other nationally controlled areas on the globe, as well as Historical Events

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Virtual Resources

MES Main Discord Server
A Discord server used for national announcements, verifying player memberships, connecting to regional and local games, and talking to National Staff
Regional Discord Servers
A page containing links to each region's Discord server
Sabbat - Modern Enigma Society
A link to the MES website's resources for joining the mailing lists, which will primarily be used for announcements